Discussion: Obama Throws Down Gauntlet With GOP On Social Security In New Budget

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Should be interesting when he vetoes Rayn and Raynd.

Bullet points other than SS here: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2015/02/obamas-budget-proposal-shows-the-presidents-priorities-here-is-what-they-are/

Not too sure the Congress can do this amount of math, especially Rayn without taking off their socks.


So the hand wringing from liberals concerned that Obama would cave on this might turn out to be unwarranted?


“The Administration will oppose any measures that privatize or weaken the Social Security system and will not accept an approach that slashes benefits for future generations or reduces basic benefits for current beneficiaries.”

Seems pretty clear to me.


wrong thread!

It would be nice to hear a little passion from Obama, especially on this issue.

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Maybe, the issue would be if he wants to get something done. He may give them a little of what they want and they give nothing. I imagine that the progressive alternative to shore up SS long term, although more practical and filling any gaps in one swoop, will not pass this Congress.

So, in some ways if he wants to be the guy to fix it I imagine he will have to give something back. Unfortunately. That is the way I potentially see him giving in a bit.

“It would be nice to hear a little passion from Obama, especially on this issue.”

A little, as you say, but not too much, please. Obama never gets it quite right, does he? Even when he says the right thing, it’s not in precisely the right way. Tsk !


While we’re on the subject of social security I will throw something else into the mix. The amount of social security retirement benefits that are taxed should move with the payroll tax cap amount. After all, people making more than the cap are paying in a lesser percentage of their income than the rest of us.
If we insist on taxing soc. sec. retirement benefits than it’s only fair that those making less than the payroll tax cap in total income, currently $118,500, should not have their retirement benefits taxed.

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Why? I love his steady no drama and low key approach: it makes the GOP look even more insanely rabid and off the rails than they already are.


Good tactic on Obama’s part. The louder he supports it, the louder and crazier the GOTP response will be. By 2016, they will have nailed their own coffins shut.


Seriously. Do people realize the ridiculously high standards they hold Obama to?

His admin says something quite clear, but it’s not with enough “passion”, so we all sigh in disappointment at how Obama has let us down yet again.




So taking a stand just isn’t enough any longer. There needs to be passion or we’re going to be disappointed?


He could also come for our guns.

Also? It was a BUDGET RELEASE.


No, he still may cave, unless you send in your contribution by midnight tonight.

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The hand wringing of Progressives was very warranted. When has Obama appeared so strongly determined to protect some turf? It took the Progressives’ clear statement that they would abandon him if he didn’t develop a little spine, to help him appear to develop some spine. When has Obama ever held firmly to his bargaining position? This may be the first time, if, in fact, he does hold firm. After the first 4 or 5 vetoes, maybe the Republicans will get the idea. Congress might just as well go home for two years. The Republicans are not going to give in, and with any luck neither will Obama.

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