Discussion: Obama: Terror Threat Against US Has Entered 'New Phase'

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That people known to be bad people (on the no fly list or avowed members of terrorist groups) can buy guns and Congress won’t fix this gaping loophole is beyond my understanding. And yet republicans who control Congress criticize Obama. Something profound is wrong here.


Gun control nuts have one refrain for everything.
But if it wasn’t guns it would be suicide vests & bombs.
Democrats have once again found a way to be losers.

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Great speech. The NYT misreported it as saying he repeated the same things he’s said before. What they missed were his pointed remarks about the GOP Congress refusing to give him authorization for military action against ISIL, AND his challenge to the Muslims to put their own house in order. He was direct in telling them that they, Muslims, had put those who want violence and murder out of bounds in their religion.

After all, what is religion good for if it doesn’t rein in murderous instincts?

Gun addicts–are you one?-- always excuse the bad behaviors of their own kind.

Closing those particular loopholes doesn’t solve for the Syed Farooks or the Robert Dears, and catches a bunch of good people up in the net. None of the recent mass shootings in America were, to my knowledge, committed by people on the no-fly list, and none were committed by people who were avowed members of terrorist groups, unless you count making a statement immediately before an act of terror in Malik’s case. Even Dylan Roof wasn’t a member of a terrorist group–he had sympathies with hate groups, but sympathies aren’t illegal in America.

I’m more concerned with loopholes, like the gun show loophole, that prevent effective safety measures from taking place effectively. I’m more concerned with closing in on straw purchases of guns from FFL dealers. Those are more effective in significantly reducing the number of guns in the hands of people who would use them to kill others.

I agree. I did not mean to say that what I posted would be universally effective. No measure is completely effective. But I absolutely agree that background checks should be extended and made stronger. I’m all for gun owners to be licensed just like anyone who wants to drive a car is. I would like to see ammo be hideously expensive. Is ammo even covered by the 2nd amendment?? If not then make bullets and powder purchases subject to very strict regulations. Or possibly make 'em illegal.
The carnage is out of hand
Just yesterday here in Tucson a person attempted to shoplift in a convenience store near my home and another person followed him. A confrontation ensued and the shoplifter got shot and wounded by the other person. The NRA “good guy with a gun” scenario I guess. The shoplifter is now dead and the other guy may be in for some legal trouble of his own. I think untrained civilians acting like the police is not a very good idea at all and it’s a behavior absolutely condoned by the NRA.
This story is headlined right now on one of our local TV station websites. Go to:
and you’ll find the story. Now the good guy might have opened himself up to a murder charge. And all over a damned 6 pack of beer.