Discussion: Obama State Of The Union Message: 'Tonight, We Turn The Page' On Crisis

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I actuallu saw republicans sit on their hands when tax cuts were mentioned. Will wonders never cease?


I don’t see the Republicans turning the page on anything, ever. It’ll be a long hard fight until well after we’re all gone.

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Bravo, Mr. President! That’s who I proudly voted for twice!


That was an outstanding speech, which could easily be the Democratic Party platform going forward. Obama can always be counted on for a very well delivered speech, and this was one of his best. Of course it was just a speech, and nothing will come from it other than the lifting of the spirits of Democrats everywhere.

But, how could I not comment on Joni Ernst’s great response? I learned more than I ever hoped to about how to wear bread bags over my shoes. I now have that filed away since I’m sure to need to use it some day.


POTUS was masterful tonight. And the castrator was a fool. The Repugs have no ideas or policies to help this country. Why the American people put the Repugs in charge of the House and Senate only proves the dumbing down of America. Pleas, Lord, that the voters wake up and see that the Repugs have no answers but no and that they have no doable ideas of how to put or country forward. And Ernst is a grinning fool.

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Before the speech I told my wife that I wish he would bring back some of that soaring “there are no red states, there are no blue states” speechifying and he delivered. Another 15 minutes and he would’ve had the Democratic side chanting “yes we can”.


I have a huge problem with this speech. Not once did he drop the mic, and there where at least a dozen times where he should’ve.


“I know because I won them both”

Dear President Obama? You are civil, always. That’s why this is so delicious.


‘Don’t boo, vote!’

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Ooh. David Brooks said this was a sign of his competitive streak. Wah! I really hope that next time the speechwriter will get in some lines that will have Boner sobbing uncontrollably. It seemed pretty close tonight, but that would be awesome.

Those tax cuts won’t help “the right people”.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see it but the blatant inference of saying that we must turn the page had to hit all of the Republicans right below their money belts.

The war against us started with Reagan and we have lost many battles but it ain’t close to over. The MC will strike back.

It’s tempting to ridicule her on the bread bags, but I grew up in Florida so I didn’t need them for the winter. But I know how it was that my parents took very little and turned it into the best they could give us kids.

It’s her crazy tea-bagger stances we need to expose to the sunlight of ridicule.

“Well, today, it is America that stands strong and united with our allies, while Russia is isolated, with its economy in tatters.”

That “page” has always worked wonders for us.