Discussion: Obama Says 'Tireless' Effort Led To Prisoner Release

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Trump is claiming credit. He thinks his big mouth fixes everything. The would in a smoldering pile of ashes would be a much more likely result.


Yeah right. The thing that bothers me the most about Trump is that win or lose, we will never be rid of him as he will turn his win into something I don’t even want to imagine and his loss will be blamed on everyone else and he will continue to get lots of free media


Trump is like Icarus or, maybe, Humpty Dumpty. Either way, he’s due for a big fall…in due time. Let him “soar” for now. I’ll wait.

Obama played Iran like a fiddle. First the financial sanctions, and then, cutting Iran’s oil sales by a million barrels a day with further sanctions. Step two, work with Saudi Arabia to increase their oil production from 8.5 million barrels a day in September of 2014, to 12 million barrels a day for most of 2015. That’s record production for the Saudis. U.S. and E.U. sanctions have cost Iran more than $160 billion in oil revenues since 2012. Russia and Iran are both feeling the squeeze from low oil prices. Iran is going to net between 55-60 billion out of 100 billion frozen assets after obligations due to the nuclear deal. Iran’s GDP was $406.3 billion in 2014, 60 billion is not going to be a magic bullet. If oil stays below $40,00 per barrel, their oil revenue will shrink to around twenty billion. That’s down from 114 billion in 2011. Link to Iran info:

We have a very smart man in the White House.


Thank you President Obama for giving PEACE A CHANCE!


Keep up the GREAT WORK!


bonvivant!!! Have you no empathy for the MIC??? How will those states who depend on DollarsFromDefense survive if conflicts are resolved with no WAR!

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It would be miraculous indeed if President Obama could negotiate a return to normal diplomatic relations with Iran before he leaves office.


Without a doubt. Still I continue to be amazed that we have not heard one word from the President’s biggest detractors here - Darcy. What a transparent guy he is

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I love you because you love and appreciate this President as much as I do and I can tell you, that’s A LOT.


Yes, I do Chammy! I think President would have transformed our country in more positive direction if our Congessional members weren’t so damn racist!

Don’t get me wrong, President Obama has accomplished a lot while in office despite the odds. However, I think he would love to do more for people like you and myself.

But it’s President Obama’s optimism that help’s me keep the faith!!!