Discussion: Obama Says Feds Are Looking Into Re-Routing The Dakota Access Pipeline (VIDEO)

Good to hear that re-routing is under review. It kind of sucked the wind out of my lungs last Thursday when the Malheur idiots were acquired and Native American protesters were attacked by police from several different states.

Step in and make re-routing this pipeline happen Mr President.


Many protesting the pipeline are also concerned about its potential contribution to climate change.

Yes. And rerouting it does nothing to address that, does it?

  1. Carbon tax. Washington has the right idea.
  2. Keep It In The Ground.

The Native nations are right to protest the pipeline across their sacred places and endangering clean water.


Yes, but re-routing does nothing to address the larger issue.

But despite the national attention to this case, one point has gone largely ignored in my view: Stopping DAPL is a matter of climate justice and decolonization for indigenous peoples. It may not always be apparent to people outside these communities, but standing up for water quality and heritage are intrinsically tied to these larger issues.

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The Corp of Engineers already rerouted the damn thing because a spill could’ve spoiled the drinking water in Bismark.


Baby steps. Obama would be an idiot to say anything concrete about this before the election.

Interesting after two big fires on the pipeline running from Tx to NYC!

Is he going to reroute the pipeline through Kenya, or Benghazi?

Rerouting would address Native American concerns, which is a good first step. As long as the oil is being extracted and transported it makes sense to transport it in the safest manner possible. It has been maintained that a buried pipeline is safer than transport via rail. I don’t know if that’s true. But if it is, then the pipeline should be built.

A carbon tax would make it a lot easier to keep it in the ground.

I believe that many NAs are concerned about climate change as well as their local water and burial grounds.

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SERIOUS QUESTION: Is there a good, impartial source of info on this entire issue? Most of what I’ve seen is on fb, and, as usual, suspect to confirmation bias.

Thank You, TPMers :slight_smile: