Discussion: Obama’s Message To Americans After Trump Win: We’re All On The Same Team

And that’s on the team against Donnie. It’s time to use the Republican playbook of obstruction, lawsuits, and scandals against him.


“We’re all on the same side.” (President Barack Obama)

Thank you, sir. I wish I believed that.


The day after, we have to remember that we are actually all on one team

A good line. Too bad it’s bull shit with it comes to Republicans and their constant obstruction and viciousness.


“We’re all on the same team.”

No we’re not. Were you braindead for the last 8 years dude? Seriously. There has to be a first for everything I suppose and he finally found a way to infuriate me. You don’t get to call yourself on the same team as the “other guys” when they have quite literally and explicitly made it 100% clear that their goal is your absolute subjugation. WHAT THE FUCK IS HARD TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT???


They wont. Enough Democrats will fear for their seats that they’ll go along peacefully with Republicans.


We have no means of executing any of it.

This is the problem. This right here. It’s after the election and people STILL don’t fucking understand that EVERYTHING was at stake. WE. HAVE. NOTHING. NOW.

The time to have learned that was BEFORE THE ELECTION.


We’re All On The Same Team

Absolutely F**k*ng Not. We dont belong on the same planet.


Fear, hate, intolerance, racism and bigotry are powerful drugs. When people are afraid they make poor decisions.


I understand that President Obama has to make those type of remarks, but there is no way in hell I’ll be on the same team as Donald Trump.


He meant we are all on America’s team. And isn’t that right? We all want the best for America, at least in theory.


I guess he had to sound like the adult in the room…or something. Maybe he’s hoping–however faint–for a semi-responsible Trump administration. Or perhaps one that doesn’t order the imprisonment of democrats. I’m not being snarky with that last.


Don’t forget the Reagan administration, which featured a half brain dead leader. Democrats did virtually everything Reagan asked for, and they will do the same this time around. Elizabeth Warren will resist, and possibly another one or two Democrats (Grijalva, for example) but the rest will cave immediately.


[quote=“sniffit, post:7, topic:46805, full:true”]
We have no means of executing any of it.

This is the problem. This right here. It’s after the election and people STILL don’t fucking understand that EVERYTHING was at stake. WE. HAVE. NOTHING. NOW.
[/quote]The Democrats were firmly in control of both houses of Congress in 1993 AND in 2009. The moneyed interests, our usual foes, went entirely to Clinton this time around. Nobody even needs to go digging for lawsuits. All Congressional Democrats have to have is the will to do it.

With WHAT? The will to do it? HOW?


It’s heartbreaking this great president will have to hand the Oval Office to the psycho who has been questioning his citizenship for years. It’s even more heartbreaking that as we all know he will be a class act as usual when doing so.


He doesn’t understand that decency just got it’s throat stepped on by white supremacy.

Here Ugg 10-point plan:

  1. Box of jagged rocks
  2. Bottle of peroxide
  3. Squeeze bulb
  4. Ear cleaning
  5. Listen quietly for white supremacist boasting
  6. Apply jagged rock appropriately
  7. Step on appropriate throat
  8. Repeat as needed
  9. IW Harper
  10. Sprite

We might be stuck in the same stadium, but we’re playing different sports. And no matter what we were playing, my team just lost.


Eleventy: Burbon

Thanks Ugg…I can always count on you to cheer me up hehe


[quote=“imkmu3, post:15, topic:46805, full:true”]
With WHAT? The will to do it? HOW?
[/quote]Look, and we’ll find ways. There are decision makers who frequent this site. Sitting around whining in defeat, looking for someone or something to blame won’t help anyone.

There is NOTHING left to lose at this point. The nuclear codes are going into the hands of a bigoted, sociopathic carnival barker.