Discussion: Obama Promotes College Debt Refinancing Bill

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“This bill doesn’t make college more affordable, reduce the amount of money students will have to borrow, or do anything about the lack of jobs grads face in the Obama economy,” McConnell said.

He forgot to mention that it also doesn’t resolve the differences between Quantum Mechanics and the Theory of Relativity, therefore it’s not worth consideration.


"He says the choice facing lawmakers is whether to “protect young people from crushing debt or protect tax breaks for millionaires.”

The man has no shame.

I was about to make a similar comment about McConnell’s silly statement.

And what about the substance of McConnell’s comments? Does his party want to make college more affordable? I can’t remember any proposals to that effect. As for the effect on jobs, I would guess that if students had more disposable income (after refinancing student loans), they would spend some of the savings, which would boost the economy and create more jobs. Not a large effect, but it’s wrong to say that the bill does “nothing” about the availability of jobs.

I’m surprised that McConnell didn’t also say that the student loan proposal was just the President’s attempt to distract from the Benghazi “scandal”.


It sounds to me like he’s saying colleges over-charge.

And the GOP claims this is socialism or somekind of ism. They believe anyone going to college from the masses should have to borrow from private concerns and make the top even richer. It is really just that simple.

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Not that I believe that tax breaks for millionaires shouldn’t be eliminated, but the US government takes in 80 BILLION dollars a year in profits on student loans…how about lets just say the government is a “non profit” when it come to these loans. I see what he is doing by making it a choice that makes republicans look bad, but if you really want to help students with college loans, my idea is more doable to the same end.