Discussion: Obama Prepares For DHS Shutdown

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Maybe they could transfer funds from another dept to DHS?

A little unexpected 10 pm live statement from the White House from the President imploring Republicans not to shut down DHS and jeopardize the country’s security might be nice. Just saying.


I suspect that has to be voted on by Congress, too.

Good luck with that happening.

Maybe W should be the one to implore the Rethugs not to shut down the agency he created. Just sayin’.

Until further notice:

  1. No luggage, no time, nowhere.
  2. If you ain’t white, old, fattish, hawg-jowled, and white-haired----- stay inside.
  3. Ha ha – we screwed the public again, and again, and again… blows kisses as he exits stage left, oops, right. Right, I meant right.
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Sure. Because a Friday night live statement would be noticed, or covered.

But Obama has to “implore” Republicans?

That thought is just so effed up on so many levels: it wanders into the territory of all the Ron Fourniers out there who keep telling us that “both sides do this” and a willful blindness to the reality which is that the GOP is deliberately trying to stifle government programs.

So if the Obama Administration won’t demonstrate the proper amount of hysteria as a reaction to continued insanity from the GOP, it must reveal that “Obama just won’t fight”.

On so many levels, your comment is just awful.


Just a passing thought.

Perhaps the Rs will tell us that the TSA was partially defunded out of consideration to all the inconvenienced passengers who have to take their shoes off

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Most people who are paying attention to this are decompressing at 10 p.m. Eastern time. But this is from whitehouse.gov for those who care enough…


A bit over the top but let’s add in a promise by the pres that ISIS will be stopped (fist pounding the podium) on our shores if they invade on Sunday. “Go shopping America, I got you covered”!

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Calm down, sport, I’m just suggesting the WH play the same bullshit games the Republicans play very effectively on the Dems. And, um, yes, a 10 pm presidential statement on TV would be covered.


Boehner pfffft. If only the President Obama could lead instead of piss on the continual fires republicans start.

would lead

Not that I’m not sympathetic to the people who work for DHS, but…how the hell did we ever manage to not get conquered and enslaved by evil brown non-christian people and liberal vegisexual cross-performing terrorist android sheep before DHS?