Discussion: Obama praises families of San Bernardino attack victims

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This president is way better than we deserve.


So much class, I love President and First Lady, Obama!


I hope these families were nicer to him than some of the families in Roseburg.

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Yes, that was quite foul. Imagine if after 9/11 when Bush showed up at the WTC there were protestors blaming him and calling him a murderer.

I was there last night. Each family left after their meeting with the President and Mrs. Obama, so we were only there for about two-thirds of the evening, but as far as I am aware, no one was disrespectful to them in any way.

My expectation going in was that we’d get a handshake and a “So sorry for your loss” and he would be in and out in ten minutes. I was completely wrong; the President and Mrs. Obama were there for hours, meeting privately with each family. They gave us (by which I mean our family, individually) several minutes of their time and they could not have been kinder or more compassionate. They charmed our daughters, gave hugs to all of us, and I felt nothing but sincerity from both of them.

As the first comment above said, this president is way better than we deserve. So is the First Lady.

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