Discussion: Obama Plans Executive Order To Protect LGBT Workers

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I love my President. The best President evahhh!!!


I’m a Democrat and voted for Obama twice - just so you know I’m not a hater. But this is 6.5 long years too late. Remember the hateful anti-gay preacher he had at his inauguration? His affronts to progressives literally started on DAY ONE.

Sorry, but not everything happens as fast as we’d like. This President has done more than any other President so please don’t go there with me.



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Thank you for your concern.

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The reason he has been so reluctant to issue these EOs, particularly on things that gives people rights and protections they didn’t have, is because it can all be taken away if he’s replaced by a Republican. He’d much rather have Congress pass a law that guarantees these rights and protections than to do it himself and give Congress an excuse to continue to do nothing while putting all these folks in jeopardy of having the rug snatched out from under them when he leaves office. I think the president has finally come to the conclusions that a Republican isn’t at all likely to replace him and that this Congress isn’t going to do shit all anyway.


It says so much that the President has to go about insuring basic human rights this way.
If the Repubs get a chance to show their collective asses, they don’t miss it.

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First of all, the pastor was nixed from the program when it came to light that he had made anti-gay remarks. Second of all, you act as though this EO is only thing President Obama has done for the LGBT community since becoming president. It isn’t. He ended DADT. He ended legal defense for DOMA. He expanded benefits to LGBT partners for those working for the Federal Government. I’m pretty sure there’s more examples but I can’t think of them off the top of my head. Perhaps every once in a while you might try reading something other than FireDogLakeWoeisme. You might learn something.

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