Discussion: Obama On Trump’s Claim He’s A Populist Champion: ‘C’Mon, Man’

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That one line dripped equal parts scorn and dismissiveness at Trump. He also leveled quite the broadside at Congresscritters who happily supported Trump and are only just now slinking away from HO.


Hillz and Bamz are real, true badasses. Wonky brainiacs with as much heart as any streetfighter out there. Glad they’re on our side, that’s all I can say.



A short clip of “C’Mon, Man” (embedded).

And tied GOPers to Trump, firmly.

Brutal, especially for the thin-skinned orange. Pres is so good at it.


I completely agree, MattinPA. But you may catch a modicum of grief from PETA with that graphic.

Now excuse me while I eat that leftover double cheeseburger.


I’m not sure that’s the right picture, I’m always rooting for the bull.


Trump has re-branded the Republican Party for decades to come. And so it’s high time to modify their symbol, their iconic brand, to match:


Bully Trolling. I am still waiting for Trump to go after Michelle. He has to because his narcissism won’t let him ignore her. And when he does… her husband will roast the entire GOP on an open bbq pit. Then he will spray it with kerosene.


I really like his closing theme, trying to appeal to the sane Republicans, and to everybody’s intelligence, in a real-life way.


isn’t Lex Luthor a self styled populist champion too?

It’s a metaphor, obviously. I’m not here to debate the morality of bullfighting and won’t get into it, much as it might be interesting. Briefly, fuck PETA. I had a rescue cat that spent three years in a no-kill shelter. I had him for 11 years and loved him to little pieces. If he’d fallen into PETA’s hands they’d have undoubtedly euthanized him. You can look it up. FUCK PETA. I hope I’ve made myself clear. :smile_cat:


Ever been to a bullfight? Completely sucks. Beautiful animals killed for fun while people in the stands hoot and holler. I’ve seen an unattractive bull actually jeered by the crowd as it was about to die. You walk away feeling disgusted by humans, and life.

How anybody can actually listen to Barry, Michelle, and Hillary and argue that HO is in any way more authentic on any issue of actual concern to our country and planet is…perplexing? …a clear sign of advanced mental illness? …proof that said individual, like most of Shrub’s administration, is a silicon-based, chlorine-breathing alien from one of Jupiter’s moons?



I do like this. The President’s light-hearted poking fun is effective, but I’d like to see more of Angry Obama. I’d like to see him giving the kind of soaring rhetoric his wife is giving.

We already know that Trump is a joke. I want people to stop looking at him as a joke, but as a threat, and the President is uniquely skilled in expressing that kind of serious sentiment.

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FUCK PETA. I hope I’ve made myself clear

Quite. I was just being silly.

Now, back to that leftover double beef cheeseburger.


I knew what you were saying, no problem.

Bon appétit. Years ago there was a guy who registered peta dot something as a website and called it “People for the Eating of Tasty Animals.” He used to post the letters he got from outraged animal-rights activists and it was all like “I HOPE YOU DIE SLOWLY OF CANCER” and similar sentiments. Some of those animal-rights people are kind of scary.


Last night in his speech he ended a sentence with “C’Mon, People!” I thought he had missed that perfect opportunity to hit it, so I am glad that this morning he realized his “error” and changed it to the proper tag line. I love this man, so. And his family, too.

Obama said that Trump’s past spoke for itself, recalling that he took advantage of a nearly $916 billion loss to potentially avoid paying income taxes for years and spent his decades in public life trying to project an image as a flashy playboy.

916 Billion? Can we get the numbers right, at least?

What’s a “leftover” double cheeseburger? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

All of a sudden I want Five Guys.