Discussion: Obama On Carson: He 'Doesn't Know Much About' Eliminating ISIL (VIDEO)

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He could have stopped after, “He doesn’t know much.”


And Joe leaned over and whispered, “Carson is one fucking lunatic.”


Obama On Carson: He ‘Doesn’t Know Much About’ Eliminating ISIL

His response to Carson validates Mr. Obama’s maturity more than any of the Pyramid-praying Uncle Ben can muster.


Translation from the President’s usual grace and class and politeness: Carson’s a moron who is scamming the right-wing rubes big time.


met with chuckling

Easy to think, easy to lead, Carson makes Chinese policy, ‘Chin-easy!!!
(apologies to ‘Ratatouille’)

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Beat me to it.


ISIS oil fields have already been bombed. Carson might want to read the news.

No Jihadi John…Man, ISIL’s in trouble. You ever try to get a plumber on a weekend?

Damn I wish Luther was sitting next to Obama


A president who makes me proud of every day. To me respect is a huge thing. The President commands respect in the way he conducts his office and his life.


— from the chairman of my Joint Chiefs of Staff (Gen.) Joe Dunford to individuals like Gen. (John) Allen, who was involved in Iraqi operations back in 2007 and 2008 —

Obama, “Leading from behind” the best military minds available to advise.


Carson knows plenty. He knows he can say just about whatever he wants. He can make any claim he wants. And if elected and none of it comes to be he won’t be held to it. He’ll get cover like that bullshit Hayden spewed on Morning Joe. Carson knows that.

Once again, the President demonstrates his calm, rational approach to his job, and Carson’s complete and utter lack of qualifications for any political office.

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Well, there’s his problem–going DOWN to a situation room. He should look UP, to a God who knows how to win wars in the middle east.

But Carson is the Democrats’ favorite GOP candidate.

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I hear you…

and–as icing on the cake in this thread…

TrumpDog mentioned Luther… :grimacing:

I got that routine saved in my files.

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