Discussion: Obama On Calif. Shooting: It's 'Possible' It Was Terrorist-Related

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WHY Won’t HE CALL them WHAT TheY ARE? MUSLIM extremist TERRORist?


It was terrorist related in so far as they wanted to terrorize their victims and mobilize first responders to again confront the unthinkable. But Middle East “terror” is not involved here except in the overheated minds of the right wing.


We don’t know that it wasn’t. The husband’s trip six months ago to Saudi Arabia and his change in appearance upon return are some indications (though somewhat superficial and circumstantial) that it may well be motivated by religious/political beliefs.


I guess I see all of these types of shootings as terrorism - anytime you enter a facility armed with “long” guns and tons of ammunition, your aim is to terrorize.


Obama…ALWAYS the adult.

For the next 11 months, he is the best “campaign ad” against the GOP (for those with an emotional age above 7).


Can we have the REST of what he said too, please?


The most terrifying aspect: Easy access to guns and advanced weaponry for everybody in America.


But the headline omits that Pres Obama also said it is possible it was work related. Why go for balance and reason, when sensational is so convenient?


You know many husbands and wives that go on disgruntled worker rampages with home made IEDs?

Yes we don’t yet know all the details, but the disgruntled worker angle seems a bit far-fetched.


I was politically motivated to shoot up the workplace at which I have been disgruntled.

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Here, let me help …

Speaking to journalists in the Oval Office, Obama said there may have been “mixed motives” behind the shooting, a factor that is complicating the investigation.

“It is possible that this was terrorist-related, but we don’t know. It’s also possible this was workplace-related,” Obama said after a meeting with his national security team.

Funny how the terrorist-related and workplace-related motives received equal weight in his message, but let’s emphasize the scary part before we know more!


I really do get your point, but I’m all for sitting tight until we know more.

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Yes, but somehow he is going to bear the brunt of all the negativity of this issue because it is so easy to blame him for everything, Makes me very very sad. His potential to be a truly great president has been diminished by the right wing to keep him from achieving success - even though in spite of it all, he has achieved much. Can;t even imagine how difficult it must be for him. I know Darcy thinks he’s a terrible president and can hardly wait until he is no longer in office. Very sad indeed.


What does it matter if it was Extremist Muslim Terrorism or Domestic Work Related Terrorism or Fundamentalist Christian Terrorism? A lot of people are dead and more are wounded. Everybody else is terrorized. It is almost like there is a race among the terrorist groups to one up each other. Of course, the people profiting from the violence from Saudi extremist clerics squeezing money from the Saudi royal family to the extremist Christian politicians demonizing women who seek health services from Planned Parenthood, on to those in the cable news industry who look upon mass shootings as an opportunity to increase viewers are quick to say it is the fault of some other guy.


Just take a look at the headline right here at TPM. I expect it from gossip rags but it really irritates me to see it here. Political Wire on the other hand, spent very little emphasis on the shooting and concentrated on politics

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I’m thinking this is going to turn out to be some odd mix of both religious/political terrorism and disgruntled employee terrorism wherein Farook was basically using his religion to justify going postal on coworkers he felt were treating him unfairly. In other words, this same guy may have done the exact same thing if he had no religion or he were Christian and felt he was being mistreated, We’ll see, but it just strikes me that they targeted a very specific group of people that he worked with and with whom he apparently had personal issues. That’s very different from the usual political/religious terrorist attack.

It’s rare for women to ever be involved in this sort of thing, at least here in the US. I don’t even get the impression they intended to die. My understanding is that they went back to their home after the attack, realized they were being watched/tailed, left and were pursued by police until there was a shootout where they died. This is all rather bizarre. What mother leaves her six month old to go slaughter a bunch of people?


except terrorizing and terrorISM are not the same. We use the word terrorISM to refer to acts that are explicitly political in nature,. Lots of murderers want to terrorize their victims because they hate them, or are sadists, or psychopaths. That does not mean they are committing the act of murder to further some supposed political aim.

All murders are just as horrible as each other, What we formally call terrorism–Mass killings for political reasons–are treated differently because they are presumed to be repeatable…


And I just heard that the police have been so busy trying to put all the pieces together, they have not interviewed one survivor to find out if it could be work related so there is still more to come out. Even if it wasn’t work related and instead plain old terrorism, it could have been their attempt at showing ISIS that they have an “in” here in the US and the possibility of successful attacks here. I am just guessing

A female who is mentally ill…