Discussion: Obama Mocks Mitch McConnell For Taking Credit For Improving Economy

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That’s funny because when you point out how high the Dow is since Obama took over the gasbggers always say that the President doesn’t have anything to do with that. But elect a Republican and it’s all sunshine and sparkles.


It’s the same sort of thing RW’s say about the collapse in 2008; it happened because the Dems took over the Senate. No evidence for that at all, just like there is no evidence for this being true.


The president’s speech to the Democratic National Committee at 11:00 Eastern time is on the front page of the NY Times because it’s an important story directly related to his presidency and his legacy and the future of the party. There’s far more to his remarks than just a throwaway about McConnell which in this context becomes click bait and not reporting. I hope TPM reports more fully on the contents of the speech later today .


Gotta love Obama when he’s in his no more campaigns mood. He has no more fucks to give and is showing.


One thing the Dow and Wall St. do not like is uncertainty in the near-term and future economy. When Obama was elected there was a sigh of relief that the economy would so be on the right track. And it has been. For example, 401k plans have recovered well since the Shrub Recession.


McConnell is having a terrible finding his footing as a leader which thrills me but it’s not easy to rein in the crazies he’s only had to stir up the last few years and form into something cohesive.


Yup, and he only has himself to blame.


What an irrational thought.


Witness the return of The Confidence Fairy!


In 2008, the collapse had already happened well before even the election. The NYFed/USFed/USTreasury decision to allow Lehman Brothers to go under occurred in September. Hank Paulsen’s total panic breakdown happened within a weekend of that event. President Bush’s call on the Congressional leadership for the authority to throw what eventually turned into the better part of a trillion dollars at the biggest of the banksters happened within that week. McCain’s Letterman meltdown happened by the end of that week. The Congress started in with its defibrillations the next week, dropped the ball, got handed its ass and another softer ball, and then passed the TARP Act of 2008, all before the 2008 federal elections even took place.

But the recovery SINCE 2008 can first be traced, at least in part, to the short-term stim and middle-term tax relief in Obama’s 2009 STIM bill, and longer-term growth thereafter, particularly in the renewable energy markets and expanded domestic energy production, can be traced to the STIM, and specific appointments and policies of the Obama administration in banking and energy.


They’ll get away with it too because the Democratic party is so miserably feckless and utterly lacking killer instinct.


I think it’s pretty safe to generalize that there is never any evidence for anything that conservatives claim to be true.

I can’t think of any exception to that generalization in my lifetime - and I’m an old guy. I’m sure it could happen, I just don’t believe it actually has happened.

If you disagree, please provide examples…


I am reposting a comment a Michael Doane posted at Charles Pierce over at Esquire.com:
Any use of the term “boots on the ground” immediately identifies the speaker as someone who is apparently unaware that those boots are worn by flesh and blood human beings.
Any use of the term “global threat” applied to ISIS immediately identifies the speaker as someone trapped in a bubble of Pax Americana fueled by delusions of exceptionalism.
Any citation of how “we had won in Iraq until Obama undid everything” immediately identifies the speaker as incapable of critical thought.
Any inclusion of BIll Kristol on your teevee news panel immediately identifies you as a tool of the neocons and earns you less trust than Brian WIlliams.


Agree there was more to the speech and thanks for sharing this, but that NY Times article blows. Only a little is said about the speech while the last NINE paragraphs are dedicated to giving Republican windbags space to use Obama as a punching bag. I mean Giuliani ripping Obama for not having a “deep knowledge of history?” Are you freaking kidding me??


Unicorns, don’t forget the unicorns!


Amen to that. Where have any of them been on these days where the President has been accused of not loving america, or siding with the terrorists. Not one came forward to defend him

I hate them all. I will never vote for a republican and will vote the democratic ticket even if I have to hold my nose (except for DiFI who I will never vote for again)m but I must admit, they have all left a nasty taste in my mouth, except for this treasure we have had in our President. I am proud every day of the money I donated to his cause. I believed in his vision from day one and have never faltered in my appreciation for his efforts


Hmmm…that can only mean that another crash is imminent. Time for another transfer of wealth - upward.


Yes, and what a lot of fire bagger democrats failed to understand that all he promised kind of faded when the economy collapsed 3 months before he took office. A lot of them criticized him for not putting GWB and the bankers in jail when he had his hands full trying to rescue this country from a disaster - but they didn’t get their ponies so they stayed home in 2010 and he’s been digging ever since. I would say this man has done a spectacular job given the multiple shit sandwiches he was delivered. Our resident Darcy is one of the biggest critics of this President - failing to give him credit for any of the good, Ingrates, every one of them.

PS and BTW have I told you how much I LOVE MY PRESIDENT


I don’t have anything substantive to add to this, just that I actually know Michael Doane, and it’s cool to see him quoted here.

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