Discussion: Obama Makes Secret Trip To Afghanistan To Visit US Troops

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Headlines, Reich-wing media:

“President blows off Arlington Cemetery!”

"President fails to honor war dead!

Drone Baby Drone!!

Six years of murder and mayhem, and more to come America - but it isn’t the president’s war. It’s all Bush’s fault. Watching the Apologists today should be amusing. And of course, pathetic.

I recall the Democrats outcry when President Bush made a surprise visit to the same airbase on a Thanksgiving day a few years back. His visit was labeled a publicity stunt and whatnot by foul mouthed, insults spewing Liberals upset about this war.

6 years on his Presidency and with approval ratings at historic lows, here comes President Obama. I won’t hold my breath waiting for the same kind of treatment, double standards are very high on that segment of the population.