Discussion: Obama Jokes About Health Care, Bundy At Correspondents Dinner (VIDEO)

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“…Orange really is the new black….” - now that was funny!


that’s exactly the line I was going to quote. Oh, and “If the sentence starts with ‘Let me tell you what I know about The Negro’, we don’t really have to hear the rest of it.”


Obama killed. Favorite part: during Biden video, Boehner explaining he’s got more important things to do than attend WHCD (while watching golf channel). Good one, Mr. Speaker.


Best… line… EVER!

Our President is pretty good at delivery. Joel McHale was good but wow some of that was uncomfortable. Kristie Kreme seemed to be having fun


Last night was an overall comedy disaster. Sure, there was plenty of quality comedy content but it was undercut by the awkward use of graphics to deliver the punchline. Not only did it not work for the TV audience, it flopped in the room. If the jokes were written to detonate with a well timed button from the speaker, the 2014 Correspondents Dinner would have been a smash.
Whoever decided to separate the set-up from the joke should have their smile cancelled.

What were the peak at WHCD nerdprom moments on twitter ?
Here’s the result from twitter’s data. (cspan…)

But why wasn’t he talking about Benghazi the whole time? The clear issue of the day? Is this evidence of Obama’s socialist plot to take our guns away and give them to Bill Ayer’s secret communist army and kill your grandmother flag pin teleprompter birth certificate Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi? That’s what some people are saying, I’m just asking questions.


Yeah, where’s an orbiting laser death ray platform when you really need one?

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You beat me to it Trippin. No drone jokes Mr. President?

It wasn’t golf; it was the Panda Cam


Chris Christie must have had a blast.

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Girl, you are on a roll this weekend! Hey, go for it – it’s a lousy practice, no matter what the reasoning behind it. But do me a quick flavor: Meditate on the phrases, “President John McCain”, “President Mitt Romney”, and (Trying not to throw up in my mouth here…) “President Sarah Palin” for a second or two.

Trust me: With those absolute winners in power, drones would be the least of our worries! Substitute Janice Rogers Brown for Sonia Sotomayor. Substitute SoS John Bolton for SoS Hillary Clinton. Substitute nothing for the ACA. Substitute the war in Iran with the war in Iraq… no, ADD the war in Iran to the war in Iraq! Then talk to me about drone warfare and TPP.


I’ve never understood anyone buying the right-wing’s use of “elitist” as a pejorative for their opponents etc thing.
Republicans represent the Rich. That’s their base. Talk about elitists!
So Trippin here’s the thing. You’re either an elitist yourself, or a chump.
You’re welcome.


Lord, I’ve never watched so many ugly people in one room before.
The Prez was a riot but disappointed he ducked out for a smoke pre remarks.
McHale was funny but mostly awkward…Some seemed to love being humiliated, except Ted Cruz and Wolf Blitzer.

I hope darcy was wearing flame retardant garb…Lol


It’s one of those contradictory things the right uses to fool their base. Elitist conservatives are called “job creators”, whereas if you’re rich or highly educated but liberal, you’re deemed “elitist”. Like most things on the right, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

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Heh. Guess the Jonah Brothers couldn’t make it?

That was a real side-spiltter. Head exploder, even!

Iran? The place that Hillary talks about obliterating?

Totally obliterate?

“In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them,” she said.

Yeah. She’s a real cream puff.

But wait…there’s more. Watch her have a chuckle-fest with her MIC buddy James Baker over the prospect of…bombing Iran!

Who needs fucking John McCain?