Discussion: Obama Is Leading: The Iran Deal Extension Is Major Good News

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The Republicans and the neocons ( not necessarily all one in the same ) are just not happy unless they get to bomb something.


How dare Obama succeed in a foreign policy goal!

Conservatives want him to fail so they can have another war.


Key phrase: “Fox contributor”.

Isn’t the RNC in the same bldg as Fox?

I recall Al Gore saying once that one could follow a daily RNC faxed talking point through the conservative leaning news cycles during the hours and days following such releases.

Once can easily construct a scenario in which someone in the RNC said, “Let’s drag out the old Chamberlain routine. That ought to work if we remind our base who Chamberlain was”.

“Yeah, dat’s it! De old Chamberlain routine! Let’s get it on the wire!”

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I remember when Chamberlain ordered all those drone strikes in Pakistan. PUSSY.

“Instead, he’s being attacked by conservatives for doing the wrong thing and by hawks for not doing enough.”

and by the left for not providing unicorns…

Goodwin might as well have said Richard Chamberlain. Neo jibberish remains jibberish.