Discussion: Obama: If GOPers Can't Handle CNBC Moderators, They Can't Handle Putin

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Beautiful, Mr. President.

Just beautiful.

Suck on that, ya bunch of whiny crybabies.


*Drops mic

I hope his after presidency life is in the public eye…


I’m fairly certain he won’t be painting pictures of his feet while sitting in a bathtub.


I’m sure, but Michelle might be over it a little bit. She’s put her life/career on hold for this and she might want to head back to it at some point.


“Have you noticed that every one of these candidates say, ‘Obama’s weak. Putin’s kicking sand in his face. When I talk to Putin, he’s going to straighten out,’” Obama said. “And then it turns out, they can’t handle a bunch of CNBC moderators.”

I gotta admit, he does have a talent for trolling.


The last year of his Presidency is going to be a wonder to behold. He’s now free to say what he wants.


I don’t actually know him, but I think I love him.

Dear GOP: thanks for the 11 hours of questioning of Hillary Clinton, followed by your epic freak after that last shitty debate. The jokes write themselves, and the man you loathe is publicly ridiculing you. Heckuva job!


See? Obummer is on PUTIN’s side!


Did Obama do the “Ali Shuffle” after he landed that stinger to the collective jaw of the GOP?



For 7 years he has put up with dignity against the constant tirade from the entire RWNJ caucus questioning and attacking everything about him…to the point of even tossing entire long-held tenants of Christianity just to try to deliberately exclude him. Reap the whirlwind assholes…you took dignity for weakness…now pay the price.


I think it’s clear to anyone who’s objective that this is one of the most intelligent people to achieve high office in a very long time. His verbal skill would stand out among professional writers, never mind public officials. So when he turns that skill to mockery it’s pretty deadly. Then you take all his other qualities—the maturity, the toughness—and that context makes even this casual and obvious observation about their lack of impressiveness pretty devastating.


It may be easier than shooting fish in a barrel. The weakling Repub candidates are handing everyone ammunition to use against them. If only Romnerd were still around to make one of his foolish statements like, 47% of these debates are rigged but the stages are just the right height, although they lack an escalator and room for my personal and literal show pony.

Hillary needs to strike whilst the iron is hot and filet them a bit more to keep the wound fresh. (is that a mixed metaphor)


So happy to hear Obama say this so publicly, although I must say, it is so freaking obvious that I am still a little shocked at how publicly the GOP is trying to work the refs. I would have expected a more private process – but then, I guess there are too many candidates for that.


The debate whining seems of a piece with the Robert Reich piece making the rounds.

The GOP and the 1% have learned that the power is in the rules. Before the game begins, race to set the rules. That’s how they win in investments, in politics, in college acceptance, in job placement, and other aspects, too, no doubt.

So when the debates seem to not be going in their favor—it must be the RULES that are the issue. (Ironically, the RNC DID set the rules.) The poor should just work harder. The rich get to change how hard the work is and how much of it they should be expected to endure.



Trump responded by calling up Gary Bussey just to tell him “You’re Fired!”


While he’s not making any statement that hasn’t already been pointed out, the mere fact that it’s Obama now saying it is absolutely golden. 7 years of putting up with the abhorrent shit that’s beens streaming out of the mouths of Republicans can come home to roost. Not too heavy or mean spirited. Just a little flash of a middle finger here and there to get under their skin. I like it.


Returning home from voting this morning there were 9 wild turkeys pecking at seed in the hillside bramble near my house. I would have been reminded of the Republican candidates but these are such noble, beautiful birds…


The Daddy Bush Wimp Factor is alive and well.

Wimpies, the lot of them!

Yeah, and yet they say that he´d be nothing w/o his teleprompter. I suppose one should keep in mind, however, that these are the same people who think Paul Ryan´s an economics whiz; Newt Gingrich is a great historian; and that Reagan was a great statesman who balanced the budget.