Discussion: Obama: I Should Have 'Closed Guantanamo Bay On The First Day' (VIDEO)

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Mr. President, on the first day you should have realized that the GOP had absolutely no intention of working with you. Ever.

You certainly should have realized that when Mitch McConnell told his fellow Republicans that his sole objective was to make you a one-term President and obstruct you in every way possible.


It’s OK Mr. President. Not your fault. You’re the bestest. Ask almost anyone here.


¨I should have ¨closed Guantanamo Bay on the first day.¨¨

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Well, better late than never Mr. President. There’s still time to add this to your legacy. Until we have the courage to close that facility, it IS who we are as a people.


Keep chippin’ at it Mr. President and eventually it will be empty. OTOH, just rip the band aid off and get it over quickly.

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Unfortunately, the ability to “rip the band aid off” doesn’t lie with him, as much as Darcy doesn’t want to admit it.

It’s really up to Congress. And with THIS Congress, not going to happen. Actually, I’m not sure it will ever happen even with a Dem majority because of the fear factor. Hell, look at what happened with my Senator Chuck Schumer. He was stoking fear left and right. There’s just very little POTUS can do about this monstrosity. What he can do about it, he is.


How about an EO, is that doable? Or, just go ahead and leave it open but empty it out.
We are starting a new relationship with Cuba so maybe we can hold volleyball tournaments there, or a Survivor episode.

Rename it Neo-con Bay and the Repubs will get off their illegal detention loving butts.


Republican Political Detention Center


Ronald Reagan School for Politics and Foreign Relations


I may be mistaken about this but, along the lines of what you’re thinking, I recall when there were discussions about closing Gitmo, many Senators wouldn’t agree to transferring the prisoners to a Supermax prison even if it was in their home state. Emptying it out is just not feasible politically.


We should close the whole base, not just the detention center.


Say, there’s an idea: just give it back to the Cubans with the prisoners still in it. Let them figure it out! :wink:


All things are relative. Compared the McCain / Palin he’s Abraham Lincoln, Einstein, and George Washington all rolled into one.

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Payback for the criminals and mental patients in the Mariel boatlift?

Yes you should have, and then sent them all to Darryl Issa’s district to live.

There you go.
Dick’s Detention Center at Bush Bay.


Too funny lol.

And Eric Cantor said the same thing re: obstructing the President on his Facebook page as his New Years resolution that year.

True, as long as you compare him to the joke called McCain/Palin he’ll always look like a winner. To be fair though, you might want to set your standards a little higher.

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Where should we set our standards, Darcy? Can you give an example?