Discussion: Obama Hits Florida Gov. Rick Scott Over Alleged 'Climate Change' Ban

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Using tea party logic, if a tea partier bans everyone in their house from saying “mortgage payment”, does their mortgage go away?


It’s more like the home owner who knows that there’s increasing structural damage to his house due to whatever, and doesn’t want to spend the money or take the time to fix it. He doesn’t talk about it or disclose it in the hopes that he’ll sell it and be out from under it, making it the next owner’s problem.


I wonder how they’ll explain what’s happening when the bulk of south Florida is routinely underwater. I gather it’s already pretty noticeable in parts of Miami, where flooding is much more frequent than at any time in memory. “Floridians are getting too fat, so the land is sinking from the extra weight.”


Wow—I just googled that and I had no idea they were already seeing such dramatic effects there. You can’t say it often enough: The Republican Party has gone nuts. It simply can’t accommodate itself to the plain and obvious reality of things.

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