Discussion: Obama Filmed Pumping Iron In Warsaw Hotel Gym (VIDEO)

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Clearly this is a false-flag workout intended to distract from [fill in the blank].

Also, something or other about Putin wrestling bears.

The jokes write themselves…

[edit: And does Van Susteren want the Secret Service to start confiscating cellphones and cameras? Can you imagine the ensuing right-wing freak-out about totalitarian ‘SS’ thought police? Or maybe Federal Agents should forcefully prevent us from bearing cameras, but not guns? Keep it classy, Fox News!]


You go Mr. Pres. You fine specimen you. I love my President


i am with you,the unrelenting hate from the right is beyond disgusting.


Lead by example. E-X-C-E-R-C-I-S-E.Great for the country to see.It’s what we all need to do,to live healthier lives. GREAT!!


How long before Matt Drudge asserts that the dumb-bells are really fake and made of chrome plated plastic and the president is actually wasting away from lack of protein owing to Michelle’s feeding him nothing but garden vegetables.


That was my first thought. The right is going to bring in bodybuilders to access the weight of the barbells. When it’s determined they weren’t particularly heavy, they’ll proudly declare that it proves Obama’s a wimp and possibly gay since real men only bench press or something.


See, I really don’t care to watch the video.

Now, if this was a conservative politician, his supporters would be overcome by worshipful joy.

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Possible Headlines on Drudge:

  1. Did Obama make a terrorist recruitment video?
  2. Why is Obama raising his fists (with barbells in them) in a gang symbol/black panther salute?
  3. Did you hear that African chanting during the first part of the music? Is that a secret code to his brethren back home in Kenya?

Amen to that.

Well those of us who love our President are joyful and as for me, as usual I am full of worshipful joy.


If Obama is a wimp, then bring it on. He looks fine to me. So proud I am of my President.


LOL…somebody si going to be in BIG trouble.

FOX will be angry the man they describe as a king isn’t acting like one…

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I’m more concerned with the fact that he’s working out with “lady weights.” My Mom uses those. She’s 72!

So who’s going to “analyze” the weights he’s working with, and be the first to tell us a 4 year old could lift that much, so that means Obama is really Obambi, as that drug-addled Dowd calls him?


What do macho men weights look like?


See comment below about “lady weights”…


I like the beginning of the video. He is staring at the hand weights with a look that suggests, “Damn, all these weights are in KGs, which one is closest to 25 pounds.” Ha! I’ve been there.


I think you can add to the list something along the lines of, “How dare Obama take time away from running the country to exercise.” or “I wonder how much it is costing the American taxpayers when Obama goes to the gym?”

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