Discussion: Obama Calls Out Trump’s Insulting Treatment Of Former Miss Universe (AUDIO)

AmeRica doesn’t like Whining Fats. They liKe joLLy fatS.


Imagine if Trump wins. Every woman in his administration would have to look like a Fox News anchor. Buffed, painted and shined to a daily maximum brilliance or subject to brutal humiliation in front of fellow staffers for failure to do so.


Could we please have a constitutional amendment to allow Obama to have a third term? Please?


Yes, please keep making this about future generations. It’s a simple question: do you want your daughter(s) growing up in a country where it’s leader thinks who she is as a person is irrelevant and her breast size determines her worth?


The Orange Cheeto’s head is going to explode. First the Correspondents’ Dinner that precipitated the whole POTUS Trump circus, and now this?

Trump can’t take a punch and Obama is the Grand Master.


And when he loses the election to a woman, his meltdown will be epic.


Sure will.

I suspect the orange, race-baiting, thin skinned narcissist will quicker die than not lash back against chastising from the black president. Now come the inexorable tweet storms and the meltdowns. Kudos for the needling and trolling, Mr President.

That said and politics aside, thank you also, Mr President, for your unrelenting decency.


I second that!

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Can’t wait!

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The amazing thing is this: Yes, the incident was 20 years ago. But now Trump’s comments were yesterday!

All he had to do was let it lie and nobody would be talking about it.


OR, in the alternative, have him on the SCOTUS asap. Boy, the heads that would explode.


i miss him already

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Head over to Daily Caller (I know, just have all your shots up to date) and scroll down on the right side of the main page. Daily Caller’s average user is a white male, 62 years old, who apparently loves softcore T&A. At least 10 slideshows of

Just don’t expect to have any any of them speaking.

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Dems know a winning issue when they see one. Now PBO is getting in on the fun.

It’s a daily double- helps win over women and Hispanics. And if Trump attacks PBO, it helps with the AA vote.

And it also helps with millenials, as my sense is most abhor racism, sexism, and body shaming.

The Commander in Chief forum, in a roomful of female military officers, would’ve been a good place to spring this trap. The question could’ve been expanded to things like whether uniforms should show more leg, and whether President Trump, God forbid, would be capable of presenting a medal to a female service member or widow, without trying to peek down her blouse.