Discussion: Obama Announces He Will Reject Keystone XL Pipeline

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…it “would not serve the national interests of the United States.”

I don’t think so, either.


Thank you, Mr. President.

But you needed to have done this YEARS ago.


Koch bro’s haz a sad.


He doesn’t get much from me on this. The companies interested in doing this have already requested that the whole thing be tabled. So agreeing to do so isn’t really a moment in courage to me.


This man can make the case for or against an issue so thoroughly, what’s left for a dimwit opponent to say in response. I like how he said “Thank you”, walked out, and left the press corpse hollering questions.


I’m very pleased that he’s doing the right thing on this.

Especially as I win the bet with my cynical brother :wink:


No, that’s not right as I understand it. They asked that it be withdrawn so they still had the option of bringing it back under a Republican admin. This kills it, and is the right thing to do.


It was theorized that TransCanada was going to revive it if an R took the White House and so only wanted to table it until that time. But you’ll tell me if I’m wrong I’m sure :wink:


…and this is how it ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper.


I doubt this is completely over. The oil is still there. Someday it will need to be refined. A pipeline is the best way to move it to a refinery.

We need a hefty carbon tax. That’s the only way to kill oil sands.


CarlosFiance has it exactly right. Killing KXL was a great and very significant move. It means TransCanada has to start all over again if they want it to happen. That’s why they requested that their application (or whatever you call it) be withdrawn or suspended, so that they could pick up again where they left off should the political environment shift in their favor.

Don’t be a firebagger just because you didn’t get 100% of what you expected, precisely when you wanted it, from this president.


That depends upon your definition of “need.” Environmentally, this kind of oil is the worst. We’d all be better off if it were left in the ground.


Don’t be silly. They were “withdrawing” it hoping for a GOP administration to bring it back. This kills it, and they would have to begin all over again.


Agreed we need a hefty carbon tax, but I doubt that will stop oil sands for all time. Whether we want to admit it or not, we still need the oil. I am in favor of moving to renewable energy, but wind and solar are never going to provide 100% of our energy needs. Sooner or later the oil sands will be mined.

I still remember the day that Ed Schultz came out in full support of KXL on his radio show. What a maroon.

What is a “better” type of oil? I can assure you that sweet crude is past its peak.

Tabling it would allow the pipeline company to renew the effort with a new administration—it was a political move on their part. This action by the President does put an end to the pipeline.


Tremendous advances have been made in the solar energy field in the last year and the fossil fuel days are fast becoming a thing of the past. In twenty years or less solar energy will meet the majority of our energy needs.

Once someone makes batteries that are capable of storing that energy (and some companies are close) it’s lights out for the oil industry.