Discussion: Obama Administration Won't Send Benghazi Suspect To Gitmo

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Derision, outrage and talk of impeachment from all the insanities will follow shortly.


This is what American exceptionalism actually looks like. It’s a belief that we can do anything, that we are better because we do better. It’s not some childlike belief that somehow we’re a perfect country incapable of ever doing wrong. It’s the understanding that we’re imperfect yet a desire to be a more perfect union. It’s a belief that we can work within our laws to be a more just nation. Republicans will never, ever understand that because they truly hate America.


Sounds like limp-wristed Commie talk to me!


this won’t sit well with the “ready, fire, aim” crowd on the right. . .


Not sending to GTMO only cuz Sharia-Law/Commie/Socialism/Lamestream-Media/FEMA-Camps are just around the corner anyway. FINALLY!

Also, too, Repukes keep killing funding for expansion of bedding in Cuba. Cuz “fiscal responsibility”.


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Moreover, the President said, I’m doing this to kill a substantial number of Fox viewers with strokes, heart attacks, and rage-blind, schadenfreude-tastic gun mishaps this evening.


That is what is so stupid about people getting mad that we release people from Gitmo. STUPID PARTY Reps either don’t care or don’t believe that Gitmo is a place that harms us more and terrorist groups use it to get more people to hate us and to join the terrorist groups


Thank you, sir, for being an outstanding, intelligent, reasonable and very effective president. You seem always to do the right thing.


I can hear the GOP nuts now. Damn he captured the sob and planning to hold a public trial. Nothing in that for us.


Plucky- I like your comments usually, but, personally I cringe whenever someone accuses Democrats or Republicans as a whole the way you do here of “truly hating America”. C’mon.

   ...since 9/11, we have used the federal court system to convict and incarcerate hundreds of terrorists

And what’s the record at Gitmo?

Of the total of 779 incarcerated, 600 released, I believe the number of suicides exceed the number of convictions.

Wait until they stumble upon this:


Once again I am reminded why I am thankful we have the calm, cool head in the White House.


Have I told anyone today how much I love my President? LOL


Amen and hallelujah. I say it every day. I am going to miss him real bad

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Did I miss something in Plucky’s comment that made you say that?


The Bergdhal reaction from the conservatives, combined the constant violent escalation of the ammosexuals have left me so disgusted with them that I am right with Plucky on this one. They will attack anything, even core principles like due process if the target of their ire is President Obama, Democrats or anyone they deem not sufficiently reactionary or on ‘their team’.

Get functional healthcare coverage for everyone? Nope, that is simply impossible. Never mind if other modern societies can manage to do that, we are America and can’t do that because… well because Hitler… or something.

Never mind if other countries have lower gun death per capita and higher standards of living. Apparently it is just impossible for America to match that, much less do better. Nope, if we do something basic like making sure you are not a convicted felon or a mental case before having access to firearms… well that makes baby Jesus cry, but we are so totally “pro-life”.

They are examples of double-think writ large.

The GOP and conservatives have simply become anti-American and paranoid cowards. It’s in their rhetoric, it’s at the core of the world view, it’s in their actions. They are the exact opposite of actual patriots or strong people. They are weak, craven, simpering cowards.


I love, love, love, love, love my President. Every time I see his face or hear his voice, it makes me happy. He is such a good and decent man who has never done anything but try to do his best and what is best for the country inspite of the crap he gets on a day to day basis.


Thanks for the link, very good news indeed, There’s reason to believe that the judges who were confirmed will probably look more like the people who come before their bench and therefore be more compassionate just as we’re also learning that male judges who have daughters, including one who’d been Chief Justice SCOTUS, are far more sympathetic on women’s issues.