Discussion: Obama Administration Will Ask SCOTUS To Rule For Marriage Equality

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It’s the same old tired story that when the minorities are allotted the same rights under the law as the majority there are anxious concerns of reverse discrimination.Not long ago the very notion of gay marriage was inconceivable if not downright frightening. In the early 1970s as gay rights became more vocal, pamphlets were produced filled with dire warnings of the dangers of homosexuality and the “coming revolution” invading the mainstream. predicting an ominous future filled with gasp…gay marriage http://wp.me/p2qifI-1Cp

I believe the Obama team has decided to put the Roberts court on display. To not let them just sit back and ponder ways to destroy Obamacare and feel good about it. To make equality, income disparity and class warfare all one thing. Obama is making the Supremes take sides on the record for many reasons. One I believe is to let the crazies go ballistic against their own and to show America how nuts they are getting, just in case a few missed the last decade or so. Another is to force Roberts to choose his legacy over his ideology. One of those lasts forever.

Obama is our man and always has been. He is just playing a game with some of the most ruthless bastards in the world. I like his moves even if I only understand some in retrospect.
Basically, having faith means keeping the faith and learning patience.


If SCOTUS upholds marriage equality, I’m expecting Nino Scalia’s dissent from the bench will look something like this: