Discussion: Obama Addresses Flint Crisis: We 'Can't Short-Change Basic Services'

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Fox: Obama is scaring the voters away from Republicans and corporations. Isnt this supposed to be his Katrina?


The Flint water thing is a big mess and will probably sort itself out like most big messes sort out…with no one in power held responsible. That will be assisted by the likes of Michael Moore et all making it a clown show easy for all to dismiss.

There was some seriously malignant shit behind this move. I don’t think it was intentionally racist but dismissively racist. No wanted wanted to hurt the folks of Flint but they didn’t really care if they did get hurt. Flint didn’t get it’s governments concern…and that fucking matters. And people are dead…


Is there a measurable difference between those?
I really can’t believe this hasn’t been a bigger story for a long time, given the “Emergency Manager” bullshit that started this.


Meanwhile, Michiganders, remember how you voted back in 2010. This is what happens when you turn your state over to Republicans.


The only “difference” I can think of is this: It is likely no one deliberately set out to poison these folks due to their color (which would be intentionally racist if they had done so) – but once the issue started to show its ugly head, the person(s) in charge likely said, “Eh, they’re not our voters, so screw 'em.” Racist, nonetheless, but likely done in a dismissive, passive manner … not intentionally set out to ruin those folks water supply because they’re black.

I’m also guessing money played a crucial role here. Since Flint’s residents are primarily working-class and not upper-class with multi-garage mansions, that likely factored into their decision-making.


We’ve seen what happens when you put Republicans in charge: Kansas, Wisconsin, and now, Flint. This isn’t the recent past, like Katrina: this is happening now.

At the very same time, we see what happens when Democrats are in charge: California, Minnesota, and any big city that isn’t poisoning its residents - and sticking them with the (overinflated) water bill to boot.

I’m beside myself that anyone would look at these comparisons, and vote for a Republican. (Yes, yes, I know: Fox, right wing media, yadda yadda)

We Democrats have to give the electorate a clear choice… and then, get the vote out like never before.


I so agree - and we need a national campaign to point out what the GOP does when it’s in charge.


Yea, I get that, I just don’t agree. I think that “Eh, they’re not our voters, so screw 'em.” is the first thing that happened in that chain of events, not something that just came up later. That’s the only way to explain the fact that the Snyder admin. was told they couldn’t use that water supply without the lining or whatever technical thing needed to be done to that pipeline is, and they ignored it. Because the people in question don’t matter. It’s the modern GOP - “those” people don’t deserve (anything).


My husband just came home from the gym where Fox was on one of the teevees and saw something about Clinton email scandal crawl past. He said he hadn’t heard about any scandal anywhere else LATELY.


Yes, years and years down the road when health issues continue to plague those affected.


Of course, the ones who have died no longer have to worry about that now, do they?


Obama: “It is a reminder of why you can’t short change basic services that we provide to our people and that we together provide as a government to make sure that public health and safety is preserved.”

Which is a very polite way of saying that the governor and his appointed cronies utterly failed at one of the most basic functions of government. Which, of course, they did.


(Fox) But doesn’t Obama know his kids are black?

I was seriously disturbed this morning when I heard on NPR that the city of Flint was using water from the Flint river, which is known to be polluted. But the kicker is they knew it had an acidic Ph and yet it was sent thru pipes that were some how …and I can hardly believe this… containing lead. Put an acidic water thru a pipe containing lead and three guesses what happens. The EPA should have known about this because the city neglected to follow the law. But then we know, don’t we, how the GOP feels about the EPA.
What has happened in Flint is criminal.
I’m wondering how many other cities are in danger.


President Obama should send Loretta Lynch in there with the sole intent of having someone’s head roll…as in prison time. Go after this fucked up governor and make an example of him, Mr. President. Set a precedent! Prosecute!!!


There is an entire field of research in law, ethics, and science, called “environmental justice.” It has long documented that affluent neighborhoods get clean air and water, and poor neighborhoods do not. That’s not a bug, that’s a feature in our socioeconomics and in our public health priorities. Sad.


3…2…1…Teatrolls screaming “Oh yeah??? Well, Obamacare is literally killing our childrenz!!!1111!!!one!!!eleventy!!!”

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Not to mention “food deserts”. That’s a huge one that deeply effects overall health and educational outcomes.


If we can prove a corporation (or, even better a “small business, the lifeblood of America”) was responsible, well, just let 'em go.

Cost of doing business.

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I disagree. I think it was an opoprtunity Snyder and his “emergency manager” saw to find budget cuts to brag about coupled with the recognition that if they poisoned the water and fucked up the entire city’s water systems as a result (those corroded pipes arguably cannot be used anymore and some estimate $1.5B is the cost to fix it all), then it would force the you-know-whats to clear out of Dodge and perhaps move to another state, which is absolutely a goal of every Republican governor and state legislature…forcing “them” out and into blue states. “You like 'em so much, you take 'em…”

Setting aside all the obvious voting issues this touches upon (red states getting browner turn purple, and they are freaking the fuck out about it, etc.), it also sort of involves the fact that GOPers/Teatrolls view “them” as the reason their conservative ideological policies aren’t working and why their red states are in the shitter on almost every metric imaginable. I have to admit that I am 100% totally convinced of this idea that they hope to force “darky” to leave their states by making life miserable for the inner cities, and I am not even remotely ashamed of accusing people like Snyder of having this as one of his motivations. Prove me wrong and/or convince me otherwise.