Discussion: NYT: Trump Lawyers At Odds Over How Many Documents To Turn Over To Mueller

Quoting the article as posted , 6:50
“As special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe intensifies, President Donald Trump’s attorneys have butt heads”

They sure do.

Of course it’s a typo. But I’ve said in public here that I don’t think TPM should spend money on a copy editor. If the money’s there, hire another reporter instead.

Snark off:
I would much prefer that all of Trump’s lawyers agreed on everything. The existence of disagreement tells me that there is at least a possibility that one or more lawyers may actually be competent.

We can only trust based on the Commander in Cheat’s “best people” track record that the competent indivdual or individuals will eventually be ruthlessly driven out.
There’s a good chance that’ll happen, keeping my fingers crosssed.


Trump’s team is doing Mueller’s work for him… sorting the dirt from the chaffe…

Is there any doubt, the documents they DON’T hand over are the very ones Mueller would likely use to upend The Orange Pretender?

There’s a clear confession of guilt in every act of avoidance.


some typos are precious…


Yup. This one seems to be a bit, well, freudian, ne c’est pas?


It seems like there’s a disagreement between, “Let’s just rip the band-aid off and turn over everything now since Mueller will get it all eventually” and “We can be successful at hiding, shredding, or altering the most damaging documents because we’re smarter than them, or maybe they just won’t ask.”


…who needs a copy editor when we’ve got such diligent Primers ready and willing to pounce on every misplaced participle?

A typo is how I stumbled onto the word “poundit” while describing Sean Hannity in a mad finger-flurry.


The whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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It would seem to me that withholding documents on behalf of someone who is being investigated for obstruction of justice, would be just more obstructing justice?


Isn’t POTUS planning on haranguing the UN about transparency? Wouldn’t he be setting a good example by handing over any and all relevant documents? The last thing that we would expect from this administration is lack of transparency. (And yes, I know that’s ridiculous. My fingers knew it too-- I typed “assministration” on the first try.)


“Paging Dr. Freud…White Courtesy Phone…”

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Two big problems here:

  1. McGahn has his own legal issues to deal with, which is why he has hired his own lawyer.

  2. Discussing issues like this at lunch, loud enough that a NYT reporter can over hear it? Well, it certainly doesn’t scream competent legal team, to put it mildly.


I really need to buy some stock in a popcorn company. Demand is WAY up.

  1. McGahn has his own legal issues to deal with, which is why he has hired his own lawyer.

MAGA= Make Attorneys Get Attorneys


In fairness, I doubt any lawyer in New York knows how to discuss things quietly.

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Just a guess, but I’ll bet New York lawyers thrive in Quiet Rooms.

Matter is already litigated. You turn over everything requested:



I had to read this article 3 times to make sure I understood what the Trump team is thinking. This article is surreal.

Based on past comments, Cobb doesn’t think there’s much to #trumprussia other than perhaps some liability for Flynn and Manafort. The question I’ve pondered: is he right or is he and the Trump legal team out of their depth?

This article gave me the visceral sense that it’s the latter: Cobb, McGahn and Dowd are out of their depth.

The picture from the dinner on Josh’s twitter page says a 1000 words. It’s a picture of two old, fat Archie Bunker era white guys who are past their prime arguing in the outdoor section of a restaurant over burgers and fries.

I don’t think this group of attorneys has any grasp of the extent of Trump’s corruption or the extent of his disloyalty to the US. They also don’t have a grasp of the federal crimes that are at issue here.

They treat this like a civil matter, where one can sometimes stonewall on discovery matters, or a situation like Bill Clinton’s, where the underlying conduct is not criminal. In a criminal matter as serious as this, you don’t have the option to hide evidence from the prosecutor, and you certainly don’t have the luxury to discuss what to conceal and what to disclose in an open forum like a DC restaurant crawling with reporters, gossip columnists and lobbyists.

The other thing that strikes me is that there’s really no way for this crew of lawyers to have their hands on all the evidence for all the tracks of this investigation. Many of these incidents giving rise to the investigation took place prior to the inauguration. In addition, everyone else in the WH has lawyers, and there is no sign of a joint defense agreement with the WH. In fact, these other lawyers are telling them to cooperate with Mueller, not with Trump. Many will likely testify adverse to Trump. I also don’t think Trump has told his lawyers very much.

Basically, I think Cobb has bought into Trump’s language about how this is all a ‘witch hunt’ in order to gain Trump’s favor and keep him from firing Mueller, but his own limitations of knowledge and skill have him solely focused on the obstruction track and basically nothing else. His knowledge of the obstruction track is incomplete because he has a bad client and a WH full of adverse witnesses. The thing is, the reason Manafort, Jr, Flynn and Kushner and others are in trouble is because they did Trump’s bidding. Yet, Dowd has no clue what they did. They seem to know less than Kasowitz did. At least Kasowitz saw Kushner as a major liability risk. McGahn (who is probably in self preservation mode), Dowd and Cobb don’t see it.


Hello, Acme Shedding and Server Wiping Experts? This is the White House calling. You busy today?


So essentially what they’re trying to calibrate is the odds that they will need pardoning before this is over?

Does a pardon work on disbarment?

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