Discussion: NYT: Trump Knew About Stormy Payment Months Before Denying It To Reporters

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In a related story, the sun rose in the east today.


Muller: Draining the slush.


And next, gasp, we’ll find out he actually slept with her.

More seriously, this constant pattern of lies on issues big and small leaves this administration with no credibility.


Someone said on Maher last night lies lies and more lies .
Not one or two but a barrage nonstop all day all night
You don’t have time to process them all.
I am so fucking tired of that idiot and more outraged that we have a congress that refuses to do their constitutional duty


A note to all journalists and news networks and newspapers such as the NYT

This is your job, in a nutshell:
When you come upon a giant, lying sack of shit, you point at it and turn to the American people and scream,

“Hey! This is a giant, lying sack of shit!”


It’s very cloudy and raining today in west Tennessee, so I cannot tell if the sky is still blue, but I guess it must be, because Trump is still lying.


“He’s new at this. He’ll get his facts straight.”

-Rudy Giuliani


Yes. It is not opinion to report that someone has lied and that can be demonstrated.


Ok, I admit, I may not be a stable genious like our president, but I would have thought that a senior attorney who "just started’ and “wasn’t totally familiar with everything” wouldn’t be going on TV blabbing about it. But, hell, what do i know?


Where I live in the high desert the sky is so blue it’s almost black. Three days ago I saw tender green blades of grass and scrub brush just starting to poke out of their winter dormancy. It seemed a little strange because it has been dryer than a popcorn fart for weeks. And the next day it rained and the little green things were ready for it. How elegant is that?


Trump may not be laughing, but he can at least savor the predictability of us rubes. He knew. He lied. That’s the Trumpian modus operandi for six decades. And his popularity is climbing! His backers must also be beaming. Robert Mercer can sit back and watch him crash markets and the economy. He and other shorting billionaires will get richer and carry on with their AI legions. Most of us won’t know what hit us. Trump will be excused early when the collapse looks inevitable.


The press, by analogy, would describe the Grand Canyon as a slight impediment to travel between Arizona and Utah.


This is the best part:

Additionally, according to the Times, the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization knew the details of how Cohen was reimbursed since last year, a revelation that opens the President’s business to further legal scrutiny as federal investigators look into Cohen’s activities.

If you were trying to get a warrant to start examining the Trump Organization financial records, this is the gift that will keep on giving.


Liar. In. Chief. High misdemeanors. Impeach this dirtbag. Now.


The Press needs to start owning up to its part in all of this. Over 30 years of both-sides-do-it-ism because they feared being portrayed as liberal brought this shit storm on. They need to OWN it so they don’t do it ever again.


He also insisted, again, that Cohen’s payment to Daniels would have
happened whether or not Trump was a presidential candidate — a key
point, as a secret payment meant to salvage his electoral chances could
be an illegal campaign expenditure.

Oh Ghouli, you know the payment occurred TEN YEARS AFTER the event, right? Ten years after the event and less than a month before the 2016 election.


“NYT: Trump Knew About Stormy Payment Months Before Denying It To Reporters.”

It’s lies all the way down…


Several lawyers said that Rudy has probably waived confidentiality of his discussions with Trump, by disclosing so much publicly.


I was at lunch the other day with a Fox News watcher. He is convinced that there will be a civil war if Trump is impeached. He says he and 40,000,000 other (old white) Trump supporters won’t stand for the political hit job being visited on Trump. I suggested that those 40,000,000 are badly outnumbered by the rest of us who don’t watch Fox News exclusively. He said we don’t get to count children. So I said that still leaves 120,000,000 who think Trump is guilty of conspiring with the Russians and who want to have fair elections.

For him, it doesn’t matter that Trump lies, or that he knew about the Stormy payment. None of that matters because he is the President and according to the lawyers on Fox that makes him king and he is above the law.

Is this what a country looks like just before it comes apart?