Discussion: NYT: Flynn Was Briefed On CIA Secrets For Weeks Despite Blackmail Concerns

I’m in a bad mood today after last night’s loss…so Flynn gets an upgrade

String him up! String Him up! String him up!


The amount of incompetence wrapped in hubris by this administration never ceases to astonish me.

This. Is. Not. Normal.


1 / Lock. Him. Up.

2 / All of these stupid actions were taken by people who swore allegiance to the US Constitution. Amazing. Misfeasance, malfeasance, or espionage?

3 / Nobody could have predicted…

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This, folks, is why responsible administrations pull clearances when something starts to go wrong rather than long after it’s hit the fan. You can always reinstate a clearance, but you can’t make someone un-know the information they shouldn’t have been told. (And, under the law, as long as Flynn had his clearance and a need-to-know, briefers were legally required to give him that information.)

One thing this shows is that it’s pretty much impossible to separate the russia investigation from the general corruption and incompetence of this administration.


Read this in the Times. Not that I didn’t think the Ruskies had the tRump crew by the balls before but I’m throughly convinced now. Rump used Flynn as a conduit to Putin to inform about the elimination of sanctions etc.

What is amazing is Flynn’s failure to know he would be monitored. He came out of intelligence FFS. Oops, forgot military intelligence is an oxymoron.

Obviously not a story written by David Brooks…


Speaking of Brooks, I read a “Bobo”-ish article recently, about modern homes and toys. Scratch that—the story was actually quite interested and filled with detailed, accurate stats.
Apparently many middle class families have so many toys in the house, they can hardly walk around. Also, they spend so much time with gadgets indoors that they don’t even use their outdoor play or entertainment areas.

The only good thing is I firmly believe that even corrupt Russians don’t want to bring down the US because they know we we help keep the folks that want to send us all to their god for judgment in somewhat control. They just want to get rich regardless if they have cheat and kill a folks.

The question for that is how much margin they perceive between damaging the US for power and profit and bringing down the system. And whether (like the “establishment GOP”) they can ultimately control the monster they’re creating.

I don’t think the russians or republicans think that far ahead.

Jared Kushner also lied on his security clearance, which is a potential 5 year prison sentence.
Yet, he continues as the Pres right hand man with daily top security updates.
House Dems have called for a review and firing of Kushner, but nothing in the last month.
The new normal.

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