Discussion: NYT: DOJ Moves FARA Probe Into Obama White House Counsel To DC

Well, this should certainly cheer the Moron up. Let’s look for at least 10 tweets on how disgraceful and utterly corrupt BHO was … . best news he’s heard in, um, two years.


I, for one, am glad that they are finally cracking down on FARA-fucking regardless of who is pimping for who…

The Dems have their own little swamp in their DC back forty…


Totally agree. The swamp really does need to be drained, it’s just that Trump and the Republicans will never do it despite their claims to the contrary.


It depends… if the alligators are “from the other side of the aisle” they’re in favor of draining. Otherwise, not so much.


Otherwise it’s just more Presidential Harassment.

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Is it weird that I had to use the Google to learn when Craig was White House Counsel for President Obama and whether his foreign lobbying work overlapped with his time in the Administration? It’s almost as if this story was one paragraph light. . .


Missing from the article: Craig was White House Counsel from 2009-2010.


Then he went to Craig’s List?


Cheap price? :wink:


Let me see if I have the chronology stated correctly

Gregory Craig was Obama’s White House Counsel from January 20, 2009 – until he resigned on January 3, 2010

On January 27, 2010, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, announced that Craig had joined the firm.
at Skadden, Arps he spent time representing the investment banking firm Goldman Sachs - he also initially represented former Senator John Edwards, a former presidential and vice presidential candidate. In 2012, Craig co-chaired (with former Republican congressman Vin Weber) a bipartisan task force formed by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy .
Then in 2012, Craig led a team of lawyers from Skadden, Arps who were commissioned by the government of Ukraine under President Viktor Yanukovich

So just a pet peeve here - but since the alleged fuckery that Craig was party to occurred over two years after resigning from & leaving the Obama administration - isn’t the headline rather misleading ?

“NYT: DOJ Moves FARA Probe Into Obama White House Counsel To DC”


Well, yes.

In fact, there’s really not much in the article itself, except maybe this difference:

The New York Times reported that two other supposed subjects of the investigation — lobbyist Tony Podesta and Mercury Public Affairs — will remain with Manhattan federal prosecutors.


Not to the kind of people who love Russians more than NATO.

ETA Craig’s situation has been out there for a while. Given Trump’s problems, his crew decided that it should get more attention…


As others have noted, this is badly misleading. If it remains uncorrected, TPM will be used to support the fake news that an Obama White House counsel failed to register under FARA, when that does not appear to be the case.


Ding, ding ding!


Why publish an article that included such minimal information that I had to click on the comments to find out what it was about? Perhaps the headline writer was as puzzled as I was and couldn’t figure out what the hell the article was about either.


No, I think that Agent Orange will start bragging that his people are better at not registering than previous President’s people.

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This may be the worst written headline ever and that is followed by the first paragraph that is even worse!

…Craig failed to register after the case was moved…? So they were just checking on him, then they moved the case, and then he failed to register? Huh?

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If this jerk Gregory Craig is doing the same thing these Republicans are doing and illegal, then throw the book at him as well. These criminals need to be brought to justice.


What does all this mean?

Clearly, this Gregory Craig douche was involved in the sleazy things that Skadden Arps fabricated and confabulated for the Russian puppet Yanukovich at the behest of Manafort and Gates, and did not register under FARA. Skadden Arps firm was not registered either and has gotten just a slap on the wrist.

Why has Craig’s case been separated from Vin Weber and Tony Podesta’s FARA cases?

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