Discussion: NYT Corrects Editorial: ‘No Such Link’ Between 'Incitement' And Giffords Shooting


Let me know when Dean Baquet explains these two contradicting headlines. I’ll wait.


The “Old Grey Lady” done gone senile…


The Times parses things very carefully, except when there’s a Clinton involved. Having repeated contacts doesn’t mean there’s a link. Just like a buncha perfectly legitimate businessmen can hang out at a social club discussing issues of the day, and a former associate of theirs found encased in concrete will be an utter coincidence.


Jeebus on a Soggy Triscuit. Watching Jane Sanders on Wolf. "We denounce the 'politics of personal destruction. "

Coincidentally using the phrase they used against Clinton to denounce extreme rhetoric?



No such link has been established.


Once again the NYT kisses up to the GOP!


I also saw an article, I think on the huffpost that there also a link between mass shooters and a history of family violence which was the case with this guy.

here it is


Maps with cross-hairs, giving away guns as attendance prizes at rallies, encouraging Second Amendment solutions, creating fear and hate by talking about what the Democrats are ‘going to do’ (take away your guns, let killers into the country, create ‘death panels’ with Obamacare, etc.) - vs. - Reporting and talking factually about what the Republicans are actually doing, actually saying they will do, and what the real consequences will be.



[quote=“ralph_vonholst, post:3, topic:57675”]
Let me know when Dean Baquet explains these two contradicting headlines. I’ll wait.
[/quote]Uh, the first was a week before the election and the second was 3 weeks after the inauguration? How’s that? Oh yeah, and that cloud surrounding Hillary’s campaign created an impenetrable fog surrounding the newsroom and editorial suite at the Times.

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Another Profile in Courage nomination for straight-shooter Dan Baquet.


liberals should of course hold themselves to the same standard of decency that they ask of the right

Sorry New York Times editorialist, hypocrisy is so banal it’s lame to call it boring. I think it’s much easier to condemn a deranged psycho who isn’t also guilty of poor target selection.


So are readers here upset because they believe the causal link between Palin and Loughner is hard established fact?

It should be clear to anyone that there is a real link between the right and hate, the right and guns, the right and violence. It is another thing entirely to draw a straight line between what one person said and what another person did simply because it feels true and it vindicates you. It’s not good journalism, at the very least. Of course, when this all happened, Gabby Giffords is the first thing I thought of, too. Maybe as a defense reflex, bracing myself for the inevitable equivalences.

October 31, 2016: Slate, Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?.
November 1, 2016: NY Times, Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia.

Not quite Judith Miller level water carrying but about as consequential…


One of those bullseyes look to be right over Tucson. No link? BS.

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