Discussion: NYPD Chief: Cops Turning Back On Mayor 'Very Inappropriate'

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I look at that photo and the first thing that comes to my mind is, monkey see, monkey do.

The police commissioner is right and even Mayor 9/11 agreed with him. Yes, it’s very inppropriate. Yes, the police have the right to turn their backs on the mayor but in light of this:

“He [the police commissioner] also told host Chuck Todd that the current turmoil in New York “goes beyond race relations” and brought up a contract dispute currently embroiling the NYPD and City Hall.”

it looks like they are using a murdered fellow cop’s back on which to mount their show of pique over contract beefs with the city. They prolly aren’t happy with a liberal mayor, either, but it wasn’t their call, then, was it? Very disgraceful display on the part of NYC’s “finest” egged on by their union.


It is up to good cops in the NYPD to rectify this situation from within. These thugs are shaming the entire department by demanding the right to kill unarmed black men with impunity. They must be shunned and publicly excoriated.

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They’ve really come to believe that they’re absolutely entitled to respect simply because they do the job rather than as a result of how they do the job and that the slightest failure to receive that respect regardless of how they do the job will inevitably lead to cops being killed.


…And that they’re allowed to protest, but civilians aren’t.


I really wish someone would explain to these police officers that they impression they’re giving off is, anyone that dares to disagree with us deserves shunning, and we can be so petty as to make a fallen comrade’s funeral about us. All I can see when I see this, is police officer’s widening the gulf between themselves, and the citizen’s they are tasked with protecting.


When I read that some officers had turned their backs on the mayor at the funeral of one of the murdered officers, I thought it was too bad the protesting officers don’t understand the shame they bring to themselves by their insulting stunt. When they turn their backs on the mayor they are turning their backs on the city that they are sworn to protect. Shame on them.


No media reporters had the guts to ask Patrick Lynch, NYPD union president, what exactly did the Mayor do to “betray” the men in uniform.

  • Was it being elected on a promise to clean up corruption and improve relations between the police department and the communities it’s sworn to protect and serve?

  • Was it pointing out that peaceful protesters have rights that should never be violated?

  • Was it speaking honestly and openly about his concerns for his biracial son, Dante, should he be stopped by the police?
    Pulling a political stunt at a grieving family’s funeral is repugnant and as evidenced by the above photo, Mayor de Blasio is head and shoulders above the NYPD.


Optics more worthy of Westboro Baptist Church.



Butt-hurt monkeys in blue uniforms share a public tantrum. At least they didn’t kill any unarmed Black men while expressing infantile sentiment towards their boss.


So with the banner flying over NYC police funeral, to the nitwit blowhard Lynch calling the Mayor/political leadership to heel, what’s the degree of separation from the Gestapo to what’s we are witnessing nationwide? Sad paradox in good ol’ US of A

The abject failure of corporate MSM in NYC media market is so monumental, it’ll be a cold day in hell to see one of them speak UP. To see this level of “herd mentality” in the US is scary. I just don’t see a reprieve from this sad, sad, state of affairs.

This makes me happy to hear. I am so disputed with this Lynch guy and the union. Who do they think they are???