Discussion: NYC Mayor On NY Assemblyman Sheldon Silver's Arrest: He's A 'Man Of Integrity'

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Way to go DeBlasio. Seriously, we need some Dems who won’t tolerate politics as usual. Standing up for one of your guys who’s on the take isn’t the way to go. Supporting the gutting of Social Security isn’t the way to go, apologizing for passing a health care bill isn’t the way to go, sending more jobs overseas isn’t the way to go, waffling on minimum wage, ditto, watering down bank regulations, double ditto. Stand against corruption, stand up for the environment, stand up for the average wage earner or retiree, and folks will notice. You might even win a mid-term election!


Note to DeBlasio: That horse ain’t one to hitch your wagon to.


“Shelly”??? F**k you Bill.

I’m pretty forgiving when a mayor has some empty nice words for a statewide politician of such power.

DeBlasio’s #1 job is to look our for the resident of NYC, and having a good relationship with the state legislature is necessary for that.

Everything else you’re talking about is about policy, and really has nothing to do with being a mayor. Municipal politics aren’t just an extension of some big-picture ideological agenda.

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How do you know he’s guilty

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“and so was the point Commissioner Bratton tore up the pieces of paper on his desk and threw them in the air to create a snowfall, he then spun in his chair with a cry of whee that only the most exasperated employee can earn”

I’m never fan of politicians doing politics but umm yeah

He did not say that Silver is a man of integrity. He said that he had always known him to be a man of integrity. That’s a subtle but important distinction. One is a categorical assertion, the other is a statement of subjective experience. TPM may not consider headline writing to be an important part of journalism, but it does amount to TPM’s words on TPM’s website, and it does detract from my overall impression.

And if one is asked to comment on the potential fall of a colleague in any profession, what more appropriate statement can someone make than to relate his past experience with the person and ask that the process be allowed to play out?

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its about time the democratic party starts putting its thieves in jail. don’t stop there, go after that corrupt governor next

I’ll give him one thing.Due process. But if he’s guilty I have no problem with him going away for a long time.

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Everyone owes a favor

Because he’s been accused and the Amurikkkan MSM treats accusations as convictions. Period. You are “guilty” of being accused.

The thing is, if you’re the slightest bit familiar with New York politics, you know that whether Silver is guilty of these corruption charges or not, one thing he absolutely is NOT is a “man of integrity”.

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Exactly, he might be the slimiest politician in all of America. And we have every right to trash him, especially us NYers’ who have experienced his BS. This asshole needs to rot in jail for the rest of his life. And DeBlasio knows this, so for him to call him “Shelly” is just embarrassing. All he had to say was “Mr. Silver is entitled to due process, and it is not proper for me to comment at this time on allegations”.

When did a person need due process to be criticized? Amazing, we see people on here trashing Cosby and Christie for alleged crimes, and neither of them has even been arrested for anything. But now we can’t say anything about Sheldon Silver because he “might not be guilty”? Talk about hypocrisy.

Yes, TPM blew it on the headline, no doubt. But I would also note that Silver’s actions and stance on issues are a well documented matter of record. If DeBlasio thinks they are those of a “man of integrity”, he is lying his ass off. He just made an asinine statement, and called him “Shelly” to boot.

The right statement to make is that you don’t think it is proper to comment on allegations until there has been due process. Simple.