Discussion: NY Post Casts 'Lyin' Brian' Williams As Pinocchio On Its Cover (PHOTO)

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It’s hard to see how Williams outlasts this.

Every thing he says is now going to be perceived within the context of this story.

Well, any guy that knows all the words to so many rap songs…

Fox News ought to be treated like this.


The right wing pundits have been vicious about this. That’s all they talked about on the radio yesterday. Personally I did not think it was that big a deal.

All the right-wing pundits act like Williams is some bastion of liberal philosophy, ignoring the fact that Unbiased Brian did everything he could to sell the fucking Iraq War outside of giving every male Congressman and Senator a handjob. I guess NBC saves that for “Meet the Press”.

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This from the people who continue to try to retroactively defend and justify the Dubya regime’s lies about WMDs in Iraq:

Now, we all know that Bill-O The KKKlown’s nose is a lot longer than that!

Brian Williams claim is really along the lines of “in trying to do something honorable, I made a mistake.” The truth is HE LIED and there’s no way to parse that and remain truthful. He should have merely said “I lied” and asked forgiveness as a journalist and a person. Failing to do that, he is toast.

This will look nice next to their illustration of Lyin’ Ryan, que no?

and you are so sure that he lied? Scientists who study the mind and memories, can’t even say such a thing.

Yea but all the stuff he reads on the news is real…why doesn’t everyone just leave Brian alone…boo hoo hoo hoo hoo

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He says he made a mistake which is a less damning word had he confessed to a “lie.” It’s damage control at this point.

If he has false memories, which is very possible, then he wasn’t telling a lie… He is a person who is paid to tell others stories for a living. This was a story that he was actually living in, after years and years of retelling the details it isn’t really hard to believe that he may have began to conflate the details in his head. If you look at the versions that he has told over the years you can see the slow creep.

He started out telling the stories separately and correctly, then they began to morph into a combined story. It happens, the mind is very good at creating memories from pieces, the memories can be completely real to the person, complete with sights, sounds, smells and emotions. Even telling someone with false memories that they are false will not always convince them, seeing proof that the memories aren’t real leads to complete confusion.

Just because the facts don’t all match up to what he is saying, even though according to the pilot of the helicopter that he was on he got much of it right, doesn’t make him a liar. Why should he cop to being a liar if he is not?

He has enough memory to confess to making a “mistake” and so it begs the question as to his actions and/or what he said that would cause him to make such a confession. If he didn’t tell the truth, it’s a lie.

What he said was

“I would not have chosen to make this mistake,” Williams told the newspaper. “I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another.”

That’s not making a “confession” that is admitting that he got it wrong, and not being sure how.