Discussion: NY Police Dispute Video Showing Cop Draw Gun On Reported Snowball Fight

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The New Rochelle Police Department’s response to this story is total gibberish. Another case of cowardly cops pissing their pants and drawing their guns at every opportunity. Cops seem to be escalating every interaction with the public into a crisis, and claiming “fear for their” lives as a justification for unprovoked violence.

Who are they protecting and serving? What sort of training are these cowards receiving?


The shit we claim to have happened by a bad, bad person…someone brandishing a gun…happened before, after and off camera from that video – NRPD.

“Unsustained” is the new bullshit word for “unsubstantiated” I take it.


. . . one of the individuals bent down, adjusted something in his waistband and ran,”
Hello? The police are trying to justify this stuff by saying some kid had a wedgie?

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Black guy open carries: “brandishing” followed by several cruisers and a potentially lethal overreaction from the police

White guy open carries: “proudly displaying his beliefs in freedumb and the 2nd Amendment”


Well, considering it was reported to be young black man open carrying, I suppose we should just be happy no one was killed at the scene. Now, if it was just a bunch of kids having a snowball fight, that’s at least up to a taser or two. Can’t have this younger generation getting too uppity.

. . . one of the individuals bent down, adjusted something in his waistband…

Excuse me, while I whip this out.


They do give themselves away don’t they. How often do you use the word “waist band”…hell…what is a waist band. They are trained in the use of that word that’s why it appears in every one of this cop things. The bit fails to mention if a gun was found. A Black kid was…what about the alleged gun?


Don’t call the cops unless its clearly a life or death situation because once they show up its clearly a life or death situation.

A massive mea culpa by all police orgs nationwide might start to turn the tide of absolute distrust in the police. Their decision to force the populace into compliance by brow beating us or worse with guns is a major miscalculation.

Guns are out of control and cops are out of control and cops have guns. This is a recipe for disaster if ever there was one. The collective cop ego won’t back down or even just chill a bit long enough to realize that what they are pushing towards is totally undesirable. We don’t need or want robo-cops on steroids. These jerks are just going to have to accept being nothing more than simple public servants. Rambo wannabes need not apply.


It were a frozen "snow ball gun!’ The officer was clearly justified in drawing his gun…to avoid getting hit with imaginary snow bullets!

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What I love is the police never say “sorry, our bad.” They always justify their actions in the lamest possible ways.


The FACT that there was no dead young black man is PROOF that the officer “did not draw his weapon”.
Welcome to 1984 NEWSPEAK.


PATH TO CORRECTION IS CLEAR AS A BELL – 911 callers who fail or refuse to identify themselves must get a call-back from the 911 operator before cops can be deployed. If the number is blocked, the call is trashed. If the call-back is unanswered, the original 911 call goes into a file of unanswered calls. There is every possibility that police can be mis-used for malicious intent by an “anonymous tipster” calling 911. It is past time for “tipsters” to own their tips. This goes all the way back to Trayvon Martin, RIP.


Lesson from all this: Don’t bring a snowball to a gun fight. You’ll lose.


You didn’t see what you thought you saw. You didn’t hear what you thought you heard. You don’t know what you think you know.

Got it?

Was that the police or a cotillion class?

No MRAP vehicle means the New Rochelle police aren’t taking the scourge of black brandishing seriously.

Let’s start with taking the guns away from 99% of the cops.

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Something like this happened in DC a few years ago. A bunch of millennials were having a snowball fight and an off duty police took exception to his car inadvertently being hit with a snow ball. Stopped his car, waved his gun around, and fled the scene.

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I am giving the police the benefit of the doubt in this one. You wouldn’t expect a cop drawing a gun on a snowboard fight and but the story does sound believable. Were one of them carrying and a neighbor saw through her window she/he would of called the police and they would of responded this way. I dont think they were having a snowball fight, but if they were I cant rule out a gun being reported either.

They have to do damage control, because the story clearly has legs. I was reading the French daily Libération today (to practice my French lol) and came across this article. The headline translates “New York: a police officer takes out his weapon confronting a snowball fight.”:

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