Discussion: NY Man Who Praised New Zealand Shooter On Facebook Arrested On Gun Charges

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This man is obviously just a lone wolf with mental health issues. Some Xanax should fix him right up. We have bigger issues to deal with, like brown terrorists sneaking over the southern border.


Odin’s Warriors

Sorry, but I think they misspelled “Onan’s” there.

(And sorry again–for today’s news, all I have is dumb jokes.)


The really stupid ones take care of themselves.


Clearly, Trump needs to tweet about “Radical White Nationalist Terrorists.” I’ve been reliably informed that those are magic words that significantly reduce future threats in this area.


This economic anxiety is really ramping up.


Nah. Some very bad, treasonous FBI agents set him up, entrapped him, as part of some demented witch hunt.


It’s Trumpp’s fault. He keeps bragging that he’s made life better than ever for black Americans.


Of course he was.

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Sick and sickening. Are these the “good people” the Tangerine Tyrant was talking about?

I just saw this great old movie about the oranges of a white racist militia, “Birth of a Navel”.


Odinism is not some modern revival of the worship of Thor’s father. It is related to Heathenry and employs a lot of Nazi symbolism.

Sounds like the FBI headed off a massacre at a Mosque. Good for them. Maybe this guy can get some help and not end up killing somebody.


More and more self check outs are being installed in stores across the country. That means fewer and fewer checkers. By definition at least 1/2 of all Americans are below average. They used to have a chance at a good life if they got a job down at the local grocery and just showed up. The masters of the universe who went to Wharton might think those people are too stupid to figure out that they don’t have a future, but here is a secret. They aren’t stupid. They realize they and their kids don’t have a chance. Unless they see a path to prosperity they will lash out.

Here is some late night reading for you—“A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess. It is very appropriate for what might be just ahead.

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But the reality is that when people are economically or socially dislocated, they are always more vulnerable to being radicalized. And I think a lot of Americans are being radicalized by this administration. The experience of disruption that’s gone on, especially in the interior, has obviously made it more fertile to being taken advantage of by people like this president.