Discussion: NY Daily News Front Page: 'America In Denial' On Guns (PHOTO)

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Everyone who has one is a “responsible gun owner.”

Until the split second they become irresponsible.


“cops said he was fine”

Did the man at the bakery and the dry cleaner also say he was fine?
What about a mental health professional?


This is spot on. It isn’t about one boy, it is that the entire US gun culture has contorted itself into believing that unless everyone has access to the deadliest weapons, the guvment will get them … and that taking guns away from obviously sick people somehow weakens freedom.


You forgot to add that a split second after they pull the trigger, they are immediately a ‘responsible gun owner’ again.

Hey, just because you killed an innocent person doesn’t mean that you don’t have a right to protect yourself from imaginary federal agents trying to steal your Bitcoins.


Yeah, and then if anyone objects, they’re “making a criminal” out of a trigger-happy patriot.

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Yeah, order me another patriot pizza [stole that!].

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The whole world knows, so add voting, education, war, healthcare and corruption in government and the financial markets.

Finally common sense on the front page of a paper.

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Ooooooh! Someone’s going to get a nasty note from Wayne LaPierre – not to mention hundreds of nasty LTTE’s from his brain-dead followers.


(edited for accuracy)


If mowing down a whole class full of 6-year olds or a US Congresswoman didn’t change anything, this certainly won’t.
I guess we’ll have to suck it up until they start shooting the wealthy oops! - job creators.


Police were sent in to check on this guy after mental health professionals were seriously concerned about his well being, and communicated that concern to his relatives who called the cops. Why it was left to untrained police officers to determine if this person was mentally impaired or not after professionals expressed concern, it’s beyond normal comprehension.

Reportedly this mass murderer killed 3 people with a knife, 3 more with a handgun and injured several others with gunshots or by trying to mow them down with his car. No scary black “assault rifle” here, all weapons purchased with highly restrictive California background checks, reduced capacity magazines and all the usual California anti-gun laws narrative. Yet it happened again, a mentally ill person that goes on a killing spree.

Notwithstanding that, the usual culprits focus is not on the failed anti-gun policies and on what do we need to change to keep mentally ill individuals from acquiring weapons, ANY kind of weapon. Their focus is once again on the NRA and on guns, dangerously blind to the real problem we have in America.


If laws could be enacted to permit cops to search when they get calls like this, they would have had him. He said in his manifesto that he was afraid the cops would search. If so, they would have found the manifesto, and it would have been game over. The police also should have been given access to the videos he had up on YouTube. He took them down after the police visit, and didn’t put them back until shortly before he began his killing spree.

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How foolish of the loony left-wing New York Daily News. The answer is simple: Make it a crime for any American to own fewer than five guns. I’m just being realistic. Hear me out.
Simple everyday common sense – the same common sense that tells us that the earth is flat – will tell you that to be safe we must always be better armed and more alert than our would-be attackers. Clearly the only way a dangerous lunatic can be stopped is for everyone he encounters to be locked, loaded and ready to fire in an instant.
Now, that’s not a problem if you’re sitting awake and facing all potential points of ingress. Just have your trusty boomstick in your hands and keep an eye on the doors, windows, vents, laundry chutes, dumb waiters, etc., and always – always – be prepared to fire. Gun Number One.
Of course in the real world one has to move around a bit so you’re not always able to face a door or a window (not to mention having to go outside on occasion to purchase more ammo). This is where Guns Number Two and Three come in. These should be tucked into well-greased holsters and strapped across your chest in an X-pattern so, when you are not feeling under imminent threat of arbitrary execution, you’ll be ready to flip and fire when you hear the click of a lunatic’s trigger (or a baby biting into an animal cracker, but as a responsible gun owner you’ll know the difference). Now you may think two holsters is silly but believe me, silly is how you’ll look with only one ammo strap and holster. Totally uncool.
In the likely event someone comes to take away your guns and freedom while you sleep, Guns Number Four and Five are a necessity. These should stay beside your bed, and should always be loaded and ready for action. Ideally, Number four will be a shotgun. Deadliest at close range and the simplest to use, any would-be gun-grabber will have to think twice before he gets within fifty feet of you.*

  • This includes your spouse and children, particularly if they tend to get up for a pee in the night, so make sure to put bells around their necks before tucking them into bed. Safety first.
    Gun Number Five should stand erect and ready beside Gun Number Four. For best results, it should be the kind so slanderously called an “assault rifle” by those who know nothing about military weapons other than what they can see with their own eyes. This one will give you peace of mind in the event of an errant shotgun blast where your assailant manages to retreat. Just pull out your AK and your assailant or anyone nearby who resembles one will go down like a bag of sand.
    Now remember – and this is important – that most people who are randomly murdered by armed maniacs never saw it coming. Whether they were high school students attending class, sleeping roommates, sorority sisters laughing with friends, or tiny children trembling in a closet with their teacher, all had one thing in common: They were unprepared. Not one of them ever expected a lunatic armed to the teeth with the deadliest arsenal available in a civilized country would come to change their world forever.
    So be smart. Be ready. Keep at least one eye open and a finger on the trigger.
    You’ll be living the American Dream.

It isn’t just the mentally ill who snap – how many 3 year olds do we have to see shot by their 5 year old sibling and how many family members have to be killed by angry parents/boy(girl)friends/spouses, etc. Just making sure the mentally ill don’t get guns won’t stop the violence.

Guns are only good for three things – killing people, killing animals, and target shooting. Why can’t people target shoot with lasers or paint balls? The other two – we shouldn’t be doing anyway.


I’m seriously hoping that this post was snark, or some kind of performance art, because it’s just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

Most mentally ill people do not kill others, only the very disturbed with ACCESS to weapons become mass murders.


If you read the whole thing and that was your take on it, then I need to be more obvious.

Also, “performance art” is not so much written as kind of an in-person thing.