Discussion: Now Key Clinton Ally Might Rejoin 2016 Super PAC After Public Flap

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I bet that Hillary told them all they would be out of her campaign if they couldn’t get a alone together. Also, if I was her I would fire the person who talked to the NY Times, and Politico. She should tell them nothing goes out anywhere unless she knows. You can’t stop gossip, but you can make sure the gossip is true.

Missed opportunities, the Democrats s/b using the latest ploys of the Republican Party to lay the foundation for the future. Perfect weather conditions for 'SWIFT-BOAT- attacks.
As usual the Republicans are blowing smoke-up everyone’s hooty-pit-tooty. Scott Walker off to England and Boner’s Israel game plan. Fear mongering with the latest news of large amounts s of money from their super donors. Distractions from the obvious INCOMPETENCE. .

Sometime at the end of 2022 President Clinton, with Vice President (and President-Elect) Joaquin Castro standing at her, side will make a remark recalling the few days in February 2015 when gloom and doom was predicted for her chance of becoming president.

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I think Chelsea is yet too young to be president. Or did you mean Roger?

Neither of them nor the young Charlotte…

Gonna snooze through 8 years?

as inside baseball goes this is pretty inside