Discussion: 'Nothing' Is A Bad Answer To The Question Of Climate Change

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The mentality on the right reflects that of the most venal of the elite. That any future beyond their own lives means nothing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dick Cheney didn’t have a deadman switch installed on his heart that, once he died, would launch all the ICBMs. Because, let’s face it, once he’s dead, why should the world continue existing?


The path to destruction begins when ideology trumps reason.
Sadly, the current iteration of the GOP appears to be skipping merrily down that path.


I am not a psychologist, but I am pretty sure most GOP politicians are sociopathic grifters and hypocritical liars.


Liz Cheney’s response is what one would expect from a family of sociopaths.


At Alamogordo, mankind forever traded away wonder in favor of reason.

These idiots think we can trade it back.

Liz Cheney actually contended that the EPA is “a much greater threat” than climate change will ever be.

Uhh, Dickista? The EPA’s only going to shrink your profit margin, not take it away. Climate change is taking away this planet, and that’s not something you can negotiate or legislate back.


Ah yes, the Cheney’s. A bloodline traceable all the way back to Lucifer. It was bad enough when the Republicans were just party before country. Now they’re party first, and the future of the planet second. Jesus Christ these people are evil scumbags.


Why give Liz Cheney airtime or attention… or food and water for that matter?


This is a failure of leadership on both sides for the most important issue of our lifetime. The right’s for their denial, and the left’s for continuing to pull punches. Someone needs to get out there and rub the data in their noses, mock them, play dirty - I don’t care. I want results before we’re screwed.


People have been rubbing the data in the noses of the right for years and it doesn’t work. If someone chooses, and yes they have chosen, not to believe then no amount of screaming or showing them the facts is going to make them believe. Sadly they will only wake up when their collective asses are underwater, in other words until they have been personally effected. Once again highlighting the rights’ inability to deal with anything that goes beyond the end of their nose.


Who is Liz Cheney beyond the daughter of a Monster? What are her qualifications to a worthwhile, authoritative, or meaningful opinion on any topic under the sun?

Why would anyone care a fig what meaningless messages come out of her well rehearsed mouth? At this point, Dick Cheney is a former VP of a failed administration whose policies left us crippled under two worthless wars and on the brink of a global financial meltdown. His partner in crime has gone off to doodle with finger paints that his Mom won’t even post on the refrigerator. They are a freak show. They are the original tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing.

The world is literally dying before our very eyes. And yet at least half of those who have the power to do anything about it sit there and say: no it isn’t. I’ve shouted at them for decades that the last generation will curse them through eternity with their dying breaths–but they just don’t care. This is what you are when you’re soul is completely dead. Indifference. They are the agents of hopelessness.


These morons just don’t understand - the main problems this will cause will be geopolitical in nature, rooted in conflict over resources.

Just look at North America: the models all point to the same thing - the US will become hotter and drier, and the band of agriculture-friendly climate will move north, up here to Canada. The US will get droughts and supercells… we’ll get increased rainfall and warmer temperatures.

We also have a very large percentage of the world’s fresh water… while in the US groundwater is being used up, the Ogallala Aquifer being a prime example. We also have the world’s 2nd largest oil reserves… while the US oil supply peaked decades ago.

In all scenarios, Canada benefits… which terrifies me. A hundred million well armed and thirsty Americans directly to our south? Its more than a little concerning. This is what the future entails.


In the long run Canada won’t benefit. As the temperatures rise methane (a far more potent green house gas than carbon dioxide) will be released from the northern tundra. That release will further accelerate climate change. Earth becomes a hell and billions die. The open question is whether any humans survive.

I disagree with this alarmist version of the future - it assumes that we’ll simply lie down and accept our fate for the next 50 years. There’s a lot of intelligent people looking at this problem from many different angles… and the disgusting fact is, there is a way to put off the effects of climate change.

I’m of the opinion that someone - i.e. China or Russia - will poison the stratosphere with a sulfur-based particulate to mitigate the worst of climate change… obviously this would be among the dumbest things we’ve done as a species, poison the atmosphere rather than pay a slightly higher power bill, but we all know that that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’ll keep poisoning the oceans and delaying climate change, hoping that technology catches up.

Its just how humans do things - lazily and with short-sighted goals in mind.

Obviously the best solution is drill-baby-drill followed by burn-baby-burn.

That will provide a protective shield of black smoke to keep the sun from heating the Earth any further.

Duh. Libhomos want to kill our economy!

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With climate change, I think the Administration’s options for response are limited without the cooperation of Congress. If addressing the effects of climate change are your only cards, that’s what you play with.


I wish I could agree with you, but carbon energy company executives don’t care about the future. They think they will be able to hide out in gated communities some secret place on the planet as the world broils around them. They are wrong, but they have so much power and money they think they can create their own personal future simply by wishing.


They don’t seem to understand we live in a closed ecosystem that their kids will have to live in someday. There is not another earth to inhabit anywhere. I just don’t get this short-term mindset from them GOP. As a human it would seem obviously self-destructive and for what? Some extra money now?


Humans judge their situations by comparing it to the other people around them.

As long as the vast majority of humanity is in a worse state than they are, they’re happy.

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