Discussion: Not Much Winning For Trump: Setbacks On Trade, North Korea, Immigration

So long as Trump TV™️ ignores his failures or touts them as successes, Don the Con’s deplorable base will keep calling all bad news “fake”.

This is how official state TV operates.


So much not much winning!


illegal border crossings skyrocket despite Trump’s hard line

It would be more accurate to note that there are more illegal border crossings because Trumpanzee policy is making it impossible to cross the border legally.


But but but, Ms. Sarah TOLD us that they had been working on WINNING and not so much on process the last two years…and NOW you’re telling me there WAS no winning??? I am SO confused!


So much we’re tired of it.


Don’t worry. It won’t be long before Fox News starts telling everyone that the US economy needs immigrants, trade deficits spur the economy and North Korea would only use nukes against China.


When looking at the job performance of a willful & ignorant individual … there should be no surprise that he is failing in a great number of ways.

All the criminal and corrupt subterfuge dominating the news recently isn’t going to help the orange man’s mood either.

But still more whining…er I mean winning…than every president before him!

Unless your premise is that Trump’s ultimate goal was to tank the economy all along. A “cynical” bubble as in the dot-com collapse or the smorgasbord crash of 1990. BTW, the last time a Republican president exited office we were in what has since been called the Great Recession. Once Trump gets that downward momentum he walks away. Dems spend the next eight years picking up the pieces. We already have the debt levels and trade imbalances to do this.

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And this is just the preliminary heat. Just wait until we see his “winning ways” against Mueller, SDNY, and the various House Committees.


“Not my fault” The worse than the "dog ate my homework, Trump excuse for abject failure.

Record trade deficit, giant fiscal deficit, felonious Trump porn star philandering cover up checks, record number of embarrassing administration resignations, total N. Korean failure, Illegal population and border crossings fell during Obama administration now up under Trump, wacky border wall rejection, abhorrent Trump child separation and caging policy, more people by almost 2 to 1 believe the liar Cohen than the serial liar Trump, after 2 years of a Republican Trump Criminality Protection Program, now just one Democrat investigation, with more and Mueller to come, results in 8 to 10 possible additional Trump felonies to be investigated, etc, all continuing a giant Blue Wave Republican and Trump rejection.

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trump’s theme song should be “i’m a loser”. the refrain: “and i’m not what i appear to be” nails it.

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yep , winning
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