Discussion: Not '100 Percent' Yet: IS Fighters Put Up Fierce Resistance To Defend Last Pocket

While reducing or even eliminating the land IS holds is certainly welcome, let’s not forget the chief threat IS poses to western nations is the seductiveness of their perverted ideology to a small but significant number of residents and citizens of these nations. An ideology that, unfortunately, has gained resonance due to Trump’s bigotry exemplified by the so-called “Muslim travel ban”. As such, the risk to us has not only not been eliminated, it has probably increased under this Administration.


An AP Trump “victory”


Vietnam Vet Trump, said we whooped their asses.
This cannot be true. :angry:

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can we say quagmire?

Trump said a month ago that IS was 100% defeated.
Then it was today or tomorrow… and that was last Wednesday when he was in Vietnam.
I wish he would make up his mind.

Seriously though you don’t kill an idea by conquering ground.

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Real estate is the only thing Trumpp understands.

The absolutely WORST thing the military can declare is “victory”. “Victory” means it’s the end of the money spigot that comes with every friggin’ endless war effort so cherished by the military-industrial complex. Orwell had it so spot on: “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia”. It’s exactly why “Al-qaeda”, “The Taliban”, etc are perfect enemies; they’re faceless, placeless, nowhere, everywhere, non-sovereign, and perhaps most importantly of all…they’re BROWN people. Peace is totally unacceptable and we have John Bolton to make god damn sure we never have to deal with messy, inexpensive peace.

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Pbfft! He only thinks he understands real estate.


Yah well…the man certainly does have an inflated opinion of his deal making and other mental abilities.