Discussion: North Korean Official: We're Ready For War If Trump Wants It

Someone at the NSA, if you’re reading this, please change Donnie’s Twitter password to something he can’t guess. Thank you.


“I think President Trump is learning the job”
– Turtle the Traitor, 4/13/2017


When it comes to fat, stupid and reckless, Kim has met his match.


On the North Korean side we have a relatively unhinged leader who has risen to the top through nepotism and who cannot afford to appear weak to his potential enemies inside his ranks. He has gone to significant lengths himself to firm up his grasp on power including poisoning and shooting (with AA guns) his potential rivals. The DPRK is in position to test another nuclear bomb as soon as he gives the go ahead.

On the other side we have a relatively unhinged leader who needs to prove he is the toughest SOB in the world and who recently demonstrated this by dropping a MOAB on Afghanistan and sending cruise missiles to an airbase in Syria (one of the few DPRK allies) and who is now issuing ultimatums and other tough talk to the DPRK warning them not to perform another nuclear test on pain of military action.

I don’t see how Un can afford to appear weak to his rivals by not going ahead with the test and I don’t see how Trump can back off from his ultimatum. This doesn’t appear to be set up to end well.


You win the thread.


North Korea has one hell of an army. They have 1.3 million under arms and another 7.7 million trained reserves. They may not eat much, but they have a hell of an army.

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This match-up has been developing for a while now … you could see it coming.

On one side, you have a dynastic totalitarian kleptocracy, ruled by an inexperienced leader of unknown but highly questionable mental health, who obsesses over border security and keeps the world on edge at every opportunity with bellicose rhetoric and hysterical threats of war.

On the other side, of course, you have North Korea.


AP Person:

How much such comments are bluster, or how realistic they are, is hard to gauge.

Do you have any idea how fucking deeply ironic that sounds considering the blustering, posturing, lying buffoon we have as President. A buffoon, I might add that your organization carried water for and helped to elect!


If I had read that part only I wouldn’t have been sure which side it is referring to…


When two delusional characters meet on the stage is it really a performance?


Will it be a home game for the Norks? Away? Neutral field?

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That’s what worries me. Thanks for the pithy summary/

Think about Waiting for Godot with thermonuclear weapons…


The NorKs (nice one :wink:) are doing underground tests. I’ve no idea what the Shitgibbon a l’Orange and the Pentagon have in mind for a pre-emptive strike.

Seems to me the purpose of a pre-emptive strike would be to spoil the test. Are they planning on digging out the pit? With what? We couldn’t knock out a couple of runways last week…


What’s everybody worried about, the U.S. is renowned for kicking ass in Asia?

Look how well we did the last time we mopped the floor with North Korea. Same thing with Viet Nam…

No problem…


The purpose of doing a preemptive strike would be to boost Trump’s flagging poll ratings with the GOP.


Republicans are fond of reducing things to a smoking hole in the ground; the U.S. economy for example in their last go round. It’s a hard to understand fascist thing that is fundamental to the movement. They are currently engaged in destroying Earth, probably because Obama yet lives on it, or maybe because God or the Koch’s want it. If the DPRK has to be paved with Trinitite, so as to divert attention away from Trumpksy’s criminal hijinks and kinks, why the hell not? It’s Good Friday after all.

We have the military, they are just kinda busy right now with a couple of never ending but otherwise needless wars. So why not use the nukes that are just laying around waiting for their expiration dates anyway? South Korea and Japan with their vibrant recovery from the last wars serving as models for Democracy, and allied with U.S. military and economic interests will be small losses compared to the needs of Trumpsky’s black hole ego.

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WTF ? don’t those guys have Twitter ?

I’m back to feeling the nausea I had on Nov. 9th. Gotta really bad feeling about the next couple years.