Discussion: North Korea Vows Harsh Retaliation Against New UN Sanctions

I have to wonder how much more the Norks can possibly squeeze their people and still keep some sort of worker production going. This lesson will not be wasted on the oligarch lampreys of the world.
(Images if you care to look. )

Russia opened up its border in the upper most NE area of N.K. allowing more weapons shipments to this pariah state just recently, and China will still continue to send them oil. There really is no level of sanction that will dissuade N.K. to turn away from their nuclear ambitions. So even though the vote was unanimous, it’ll be far from a workable solution. It just makes it look like China and Russia are on board, but basically doing very little to change the calculus. Not sure how this is a good thing, other than providing Russia and China cover to look good while basically continuing to support NK in the background.

How are these sanctions verifiable is what I’d want to know? Who will be overseeing the enforcement mechanisms? Who is going to make sure both super-powers don’t purchase N. Korean exports? If this is on the honor system, I really don’t see this happening.


We should undertake some form of limited military strike (take out a major command and control center, destroy a missile manufacturing facility, destroy a nuclear reactor, etc.) to show we are serious, and to call the midgets bluff. If that doesn’t work, or if an artillery attack on Seoul takes place, we should attack the DPRK with tactical nukes and destroy the country’s ability to function at any level.

The NorthKo’s have maybe one or two wobbly ICBM’s that the US can in all likelihood could swat like flies.

The USA has 4,500+/-.

This is not a Mutually Assured Destruction scenario.

This is North Korea being bombed back beyond the Stone Age, especially with our own lunatic-in-chief repeatedly hitting the launch button…

Don’t think the NorKo’s fully grasp this…

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I think they’re counting on their ability to devastate South Korea for deterrence.


Its a game of bluff.
The NKork’s troops are within walking distance of having a shit-ton of meat-targets in their sights.
It wouldn’t honor us to have them kill a couple of million SKorks before we can stop them.
It gets any scarier and we’ll be hard pressed to restrain Orangina from hitting the panic button, anyway.

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“”“Lim, the North Korea expert, said the North will likely squeeze its ordinary citizens”"""

That’s the plan. NK isn’t going to strike the USA. That’s just talk for domestic consumption. The sanctions are aimed at Kim’s biggest vulnerability: NK’s people. Kim will squeeze them as the expert says but he’s going to put folks in a nothing to lose situation by doing so. Not just peasants but his inner circle too. They’re going to be isolated from economic opportunities which they enjoy now.

A lot of NK experts think Kim is the last of his kind. His profligacy is not sustainable and no one can lead forever by intimidation. It’s never worked.

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I hope you’re being sarcastic, because that’s got to be the worst advice I’ve read in a long time.

We should only attack NK if they attack us or our allies first. Period. If they go nuclear, then I’m pretty damn sure the military would do everything necessary to cut the head off the snake and disembowel the remnants, but you do NOT preemptively attack a paranoid government and military that is set up to annihilate Seoul on a moment’s notice, unless you want Seoul decimated or worse.

I gravely doubt that a missile launched from NK could ever make it to the US and execute a designed detonation unless the US allowed it to do so.

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We are not at any particular risk from NK at this point. We have 30,000 troops stationed in SK who would come under fire if the balloon goes up. Seoul, with around 10,000,000 people packed in to a density of 17,000 per square kilometer, is well within range of an impressive number of NK conventional artillery. The city could be completely destroyed. Our other ally Japan is also within range of NK missiles carrying conventional and chemical warheads. So NK has hostages to keep us from a preemptive attack. Any scenario of armed conflict with NK assumes SK and Japan get blasted. That is the best we can hope for. If we retaliate China is likely to honor some agreement with NK, and China does have ICBM’s capable of striking the U.S.

After Dubya included NK in his little axis of evil speech they quickly reactivated the plutonium producing reactors that earlier diplomacy under Clinton and the UN had gotten them to shut down. Eight years of Obama’s State Department only slowed the development of a NK nuke. The smart guy’s Presidency termed out and now we have whatever the hell kind of life long screw up couldn’t understand why we have all these thermonuclear devices if we can’t use them.

NK has become a nuclear nation. We can not force them to disarm. We have not even a wisp of hope that Trumpsky won’t continue to poke this hornets’ nest to cover his involvement with Russia.

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