Discussion: North Korea Appears To Be Dismantling Key Parts Of Launch Site

Will someone please let me know when Trump is done with his self-congratulations and criticism of the Fake News Media and Haters? I’ll be over here reading about a few things that are more meaningful and that have more impact.


Well , Dumpy DID growl and show his strong arms .

You see, Trump tweeted all caps to Iran yesterday, and NoKor got the message and starting dismantling it’s whole missile program the same day, failure to accept that clear Trump win, just shows the extent of the Trump derangement syndrome…

I threw out some big ole empty flower pots in my backyard that were taking up space and no longer needed. I didn’t realize that my neighbors assumed that I was dismantling my house.

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So are they taking apart the stuff they don’t need any more to make room for new stuff?