Discussion: North Carolina GOP Legislature Sends Voter ID Law To Democratic Governor

Uhm how is providing a photo ID going to work when you vote absentee? Shouldn’t it be they have to match signatures on file?
Who came up with this crap?

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Oh, that’s easy. Just drop off the absentee ballot in person. If that’s a problem, Leslie Dowless can send someone over.


Somehow run out the clock. Use up the 10-day veto period, then use the courts. Weaponize the NC9 shenanigans politically and judicially. All that said, the office of NC governor is notoriously the feeblest in the land.


Voter ID would not have stopped the election fraud in NC. They likely threw out Democratic absentee ballots they illegally collected or filled it in themselves from partially filled out ballots. How is ID supposed to fix that?? IDIOTS.


I’d say they never learn, but that would be assuming they’re willing to learn. They’re not, if it interferes with its their goal of making voting more difficult. Adding a photo ID requirement to absentee voting makes no sense and undercuts the intention of such voting to enable more people to vote. Why don’t they pass a bill saying only the first 15% of minority voters to cast a ballot will
have their vote count? It’s about as subtle as anything else they’ve tried, and it meets their goals.

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It’s not intended to stop voter fraud, it’s intended to stop certain voters from voting, just like all voter ID requirements; they just saw an opportunity.

This is the same principle as that employed by the Neo-cons leading up to the Iraq war: “Never led a good crisis go to waste!”

For now. Could be neck-and-neck with Wisconsin though, assuming Walker signs all the lame duck bills, as I’m sure he will.