Discussion: North And South Korea Agree To 'Nuclear Free' Peninsula

The Madman theory of politics truly works!
Trump scared them straight.


Scared the hell out of all of us. Nuclear brinkmanship is not my idea of “good foreign policy”.

I think this has been simmering for quite awhile. It’s great to see the possibility of them finally ending that protracted war footing. They just have to act in good faith. Consistently.

Hopefully, our involvement in the process doesn’t simply amount to deal-breaking “meddling”. This is a real opportunity. Kim has never been this magnanimous since he took power. I think there’s genuine desire to have peace and security between the two halves of Korea.

“All we are saying, is give peace a chance…” Sounds like good advice well taken. Hopeful to see it lead in a positive direction.


The really scary thing is Donald wasn’t pretending to be mad. However I do believe as much of an idiot as he is he’s too big of a scardy cat to really do anything other than talk big. Kind of like his wrestling career.


North and South Korea seem to have opened up discussions and to be making progress on their own - starting before and then carrying into the Olympics, on through to this meeting. A lasting deal will need to include the U.S., China and probably Japan and Russia, so it won’t be any easier than prior attempts…but, something good is possible if all parties keep the overall good of the Korean peninsula and the region in mind, not just politics back home and who gets the most credit.


Lessee, status quo on the peninsula, Kim chills with the provocations, Donald claims a foreign policy grand slam in return for not starting WWIII. Headache for our side politically but for not stumbling into a worldwide conflagration I’ll take it. Nixon had an even bigger foreign-policy breakthrough if memory serves. And once more Donald Fucking Trump threatens to break a thing unless he gets paid. Missing anything?


He has never been raised up to this level on the international stage before. He is looking for North Korea to be accepted as a global player and all the many reasons they have been treated as a pariah state to be ignored.

And in that context, this is some seriously scary crap, because its sending a very loud signal to rest of the world…if you want to be treated like a big boy, if you are having troubles with a major power…build a nuclear arsenal!


The North Korean nation is still a hellhole of human misery. Three generations have been starved, tortured, and imprisoned into total submission to unconcerned dictators. Along comes our p*resident who between rounds of golf, watching teevee, and whore mongering casually glorifies his fellow co-monster. Tin pot dictators and wannabe nuclear capable countries see and will do what gained Mr. Kim world wide status.

Somehow I am unable to see how this can be a long term benefit to Planet Earth and its Earthlings.


I think this signal was sent much, much more loudly (or strongly!) by the deaths of Saddam and Muammar.

But the genie has been out of the bottle for more than half a century. Everybody knows what the science is, and non-proliferation can only be a mutual agreement. We can make it hard and painful to develop the technology, but we can’t truly forbid it any more than we can prevent the spread of kudzu in the southeast.


While it would be truly wonderful, I trust North Korea about as much as I trust Dotard.


So, is it just me or did these two leaders just punk DJT? They seriously just stole the thunder from our president by working it out amongst themselves. Is he SO out of his depth that even N. Korea can best him? :roll_eyes: Omg…

Can this Dotard do ANYTHING right? Don’t get me wrong, yay for the planet that the two Koreas aren’t gonna blow us all up… But still …?


I think we should be called Earthers. Earthlings is too diminutive.

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“North And South Korea Agree To ‘Nuclear Free’ Peninsula”

Really? That's what they did? Show your work.

This is all a play. Kim knows that Trump wants to take credit for “doing something Obama couldn’t.” He’s done with his testing anyway, so he makes a big show of “ending” the testing as an olive branch, and Trump is narcissistic enough to think he’s accomplished something. Meanwhile Kim continues to build up his arsenal without the unecessary testing because we frankly have no good way to know if he’s building things or not. It’s all basic sleight-of-hand stuff, imo.

That said, Kim won’t actually use the weapons, 'cause he’s not crazy. He’s building a deterrent to demonstrate his righteous domestic authority, and it works.

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It is a guarantee Trump and his supporters are going to make a hard push for him to be awarded a Nobel peace prize. The Nobel committee will likely find it difficult concealing their derision at the very idea of it. And of course when he’s denied he’ll lash out at them with all sorts of vicious slurs.

I’ll bring the popcorn.

So this is basically Kim saying to the US “We’ll give up our nukes when you give up yours”?

More like: demonstration of nuclear and missile capability gave the DPRK the opportunity to trade away some of the conventional means by which it was deterring a military invasion from the south.

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