Discussion: Noah: It's Like Ted Cruz Was 'A Greek Tragedy' At The Debate (VIDEO)

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He obviously meant the Department of Redundancy Department.


Prior to the debate, Cruz’s defenders were pushing the meme that Ted has an audiographic memory (remembering absolutely everything he’s ever heard, down to the pauses) and this is why he always sounds so rehearsed. I guess that infallible memory failed Cruz in that moment.


Maybe one of Ted’s handlers should have read him the list.


Give him a break. He had the reputation of Texas to uphold, and he did just fine. No one thinks any less of Texas than they did before.


Come on, Trevor. Let’s see YOU try to remember a list of three to five things. Yeah, didn’t think so. Who’s laughing now?

Or maybe it shows that when he first heard the five agencies being listed the Department of Commerce was mentioned twice. Hey, he has a great memory—no one said he has any ability to make sense of what he is spitting back.

It’s easy! I’ll start with my list of GOP Candidates who should be president.

Ah, crap, that IS hard!


So now he must gouge his eyes out.

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It would be impossible to think less of Texas…


Ah, someone else from New Mexico.

You must mean “Oedipus Tex.”

And just think…Texas leads the way in dumbing down testbooks.

Well, it explains why Rafael (6 letters) goes by “Ted”.