Discussion: No 'Trump Slump' In Tourism, But 'Trump Bump' Possible

A few months ago, some warned that President Donald Trump’s travel ban and anti-immigrant rhetoric could hurt tourism. But latest numbers from the U.S. Travel Association showed a 4 percent growth in international travel to the U.S. in April and a 5 percent growth in May compared with the same months last year.

But the ban hasn’t been in effect. Couldn’t the bump be from people anxious to get to the U.S. before the ban is enacted?


The photo shows United planes. Perhaps the “bump” is because United has strapped people into seats even after those people asked to get off the plane.


Foreigners reading the news is probably akin to viewing trailers for a new horror film set for release. No matter the gore and mayhem seen on screen millions flock to ogle it. The United States is like that fiery 23 car pile up on the highway. People just want to see it up close, despite all the screams of pain and twisted metal.

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Many people book vacation travel a year or more in advance. Whatever is happening NOW reflects decisions made many months ago.


I have a friend who booked a flight as soon as he found out the in-laws wouldn’t be able to follow him…


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Any Trump Bump is due to people showing up to see a massive train wreck.

Maybe we can deport Mann Coulter to balance things out?

Just a month ago there were stats from the industry showing a slump now they are saying the opposite?

They found the travel records of 3 million tourists that weren’t originally counted.