Discussion: No, This New California Poll Doesn't Mean Condi Rice Is Running For Senate

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Yeah, like who gives a crap and from the lack of comments, no one.

She gets that 49% because no one remembers her actual policy positions. If she runs it will all come out - plus the shoe shopping, Bush cronyism, and all the rest of her Bush era baggage. She will sink like a stone and look like an idiot. I find it difficult to believe that she could be elected in a statewide race in CA. She probably realizes that as well and is staying safely at Stanford trying to forget the Bush years like all of the rest of us.

The mushroom cloud of her grandeur does loom though…

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Agreed, except for the idiot part. She’s no Carly Fiorina.

As a Californian who will support Kamala Harris, I’m interested in this 15-minute spotlight Condi’s in. So far she’s a recognizable name only to Rs who have almost no presence in California state government and they’re desperate, but I think she’s happily (and no doubt profitably) ensconced in an education scam for Jebbie.

How many university professors have “chiefs of staff”? That she has one indicates some kind of intention to return to politics.

If California wants a born-again liar representing the state in the US Senate, Rice is their candidate!

Demon Sheep - No one will ever top that in my life time.

I hope.