Discussion: No Injuries After Pence Campaign Plane Slides Off Runway In NYC

I’m happy this ended well, but not even a face plant into a bulkhead for Pence? C’mon!


Appropriate:Trmp goes off the rails, Pence off the runway.


Damn god missed!


Mr. Pence,

You claim to be a God-fearing man.

I believe this is what they call a sign from God.

You might want to re-think whom you are supporting.

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ANOTHER assassination attempt on the Trump team by CROOKED HILLARY. C’mon … what more evidence do you need?

Hard landing on the previous stop? Hmm. I would hate to be that pilot.

Wait, this was a thing that actually happened? Huh. Thought it was just a metaphor.


First thing that popped into my head as well.

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Is it just me or is this plane trying to project Air Force One? The blue stripe, the American flag on the tail. Looks like a knockoff copy of Air Force one. On the other hand, at least Pence gets his name (small letters) on this plane.

The pilot graduated with honors from the Aeronautical School of Trump University!

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Wow - the livery this plane looks exactly like that of Eastern airlines which went bankrupt in 1991!

Yep it happened… but it makes a good metaphor too. Tiny bit surprised Pence didn’t use this as an excuse to bail on the campaign for a few days, heh.

Also, how does the Trump campaign have enough money to replace the plane in short order? Would think their money would be tied up trying to avoid losing terribly.

I looked it up and in fact, there is an all new Eastern Airlines - so this plane is probably chartered from them: http://easternairlines.aero/

Glad no one was hurt but does anyone find this incident emblematic of the Trump campaign as a whole these days? No? Then think of the plane as a train and the runway as rails! How about now? :wink:

But He does have a sense of humor.

I am not quite sure why, but I think Trump wants Pence dead. (/s – but maybe not?) Or maybe just too cheap to pay for a competent pilot. We sure do not hear about Trump’s plane in such near disasters.

That sneaky bastard!

No Injuries After Pence Campaign Plane Slides Off Runway In NYC

That’s unfortunate.

I am not a Christian, but some Christians say, that Pense should take this as a sign from God, Many Christians say that, I am told…